• Error 441

    I am attempting to enter a general ledger journal entry but I keep getting a 441 error that I cannot use an AP interface account. Is there any way to get around that?

  • Btrieve Error #4 - Vendor Name

    While using our DacEasy 2015.1 software, I am receiving the following error every time I try to sort something by the Vendor Name - agings, labels, statements, etc.

    Btrieve Error #4 of file G:\DACEASY FY19-20\DEAVEND.DB

    If I sort it by Vendor Code,…

  • unable to uninstall DacEasy 2015


    We are getting some strange behavior in certain functions after a windows 10 update. I am trying to uninstall the product from the Windows 10 control panel. 

    Once i click "uninstall" in the Windows 10 control panel, a dialog appears asking "Do you…

  • What are the .PRD files

    What are the .PRD files of random products that are showing up in the data base about?

  • User access

    I wish to limit a new user to only being able to VIEW customers and their history and inventory and possibly billing transactions. I have tried to limit access by using the tag and un-tag feature but I can only completely eliminate any access or allow…

  • Daceasy 2015 payroll tax table stored where?

    Hi, I have noticed that a new install of Daceasy Payroll does not have the tax table that was used in my other install.  I assumed it would be in the backup from Daceasy.

  • Disable credit card slips from printing.

    We are experiencing an issue with 2015.1 where our POS keeps trying to print credit card slips. We don't use credit card slips, we just have a signature line on our normal receipt. Every time we run a CC though, it throws a "can't open form" error. For…

  • Products Dashboard View

    DacEasy 2015.1, Win 7 pro, Win 10 pro

    Dashboard Screen. Products Dashboard view. When changing the number of products to display, it refuses to change from Top 10. Always reverts back to Displaying Top 10. Clicking refresh makes it revert to 10 regardless…

  • Printer settings when switching between printers.

    Version 2014-2015 Network, Windows 10 pro, Windows 7 pro, Windows Server 2008 R2

    Is there a way for DacEasy to save printer settings, such as fonts and margins, on more than one printer. We have more than one printer, as well as PDF and XPS printers.…

  • Install Sage DacEasy 2015 on Network computer

    I am installing the trial version of Sage DacEasy 2015 on a Windows 10 Computer to share across the network with other users.

    I installed as multiple user with Pervasive

    I have used shared the Sage Daceasy 2015 folder with the computer users

    I have installed…