• Announcing Sage DacEasy 2015.1 SP5

     To download the service pack:

    1. Visit https://support.na.sage.com/
    2. Click Log on in the top right-hand corner
    3. Click Log on for downloads and personalized content
    4. Enter your Username and Password (If you are not already registered select Sign Up for portal …
  • Sage DacEasy Product Notice: Announcing release of Sage DacEasy 2015.1 SP4

    Product notice 18-A was sent today to on-plan customers and to partners:

    This communication is to announce the availability of Sage DacEasy 2015.1 SP4, service release, as part of our commitment to supporting Sage DacEasy customers.

    What's New

    • The…

  • Sage Exchange 1.0 is not longer supported by PAYA

    • Sage Exchange 1.0 is no longer supported by PAYA or Sage Daceasy.
    • Sage DacEasy Users need to upgrade to Sage DacEasy 2015.1 and be on a BC plan
    • Then after upgrading Install Sage Exchange 2.0 which only works with Sage DacEasy 2015.1

    ALERT: Sage Exchange…