• user access rights

    All of a sudden I do not have access to my accounting program, it says do not have user access

  • W2 Box 12 on Ver 2020.0.1.15

    Box 12 is not showing up on Ver 2020 when I print to paper or export to Atrix.  It worked last year but even though custom is checked and I have codes selected with DD it prints and exports nothing .   What do i need to do to resolve this so they can have…

  • Posting Error - Account record not found


    When trying to post the GL we are receiving an error, stating "Account record not found" and it proceeds to give us our bank account GL account.  It provides the transaction number.  The action is: Add the missing account to the chart…

  • Error #250 when closing Period Year

    Am trying to close Feb 28 2019,  When I try closing the Period GL I get this error.,

    " The date entered does not correspond to the first active period or billing and purchasing.  In order to post for this period, all previous billing and purchasi…

  • Betrieve Error #2

    I am currently using Sage DacEasy 2012.  I am currently trying to switch my "server" shared windows 7 pc to a window 10.  Somehow got messed up but still on windows 7 for time being. Have full version but currently only use ACC and POS.  Im coming…

  • Error 441

    I am attempting to enter a general ledger journal entry but I keep getting a 441 error that I cannot use an AP interface account. Is there any way to get around that?

  • Deleting unposted General Ledger entry

    I need help to delete an unposted General Ledger entry. We cannot delete the entire entry, as the Delete option is greyed out, nor can we delete line items within the entry. Is there a way to delete or reverse this?

  • DacEasy 2020 Payroll Tax fix?

    When I did my quarterly reports I discovered that my federal withholding are not balancing.  They are messed up for the people that are filing married and have pretax.  I have tried all the solutions that I could find on the blogs.  I did download the newest…

  • Trial Balance affected by deleted checks

    Has anyone run into deleted checks affecting the Trial Balance as though they were never deleted?  We have had so many problems with DACEASY voiding checks and issuing them new check numbers and yet the new numbers will not show on the register..  The original…

  • Account Reconciliation

    I am doing a reconciliation and I have one entry that when selected as cleared, which it has cleared the bank, throws off my balance by that amount. I would reconcile if I marked the item as not cleared, Not sure what to do or why this would happen. I…

  • update on fix for DacEasy 2020

    It is now mid February and no word on when we will see a fix for our DacEasy 2020 payroll issues.

    Any word, I didn't pay $1853 for the 2020 software in order to do the payrolls manually.   

  • Payroll 2020 not recognizing pre-tax items. Fix will not be out until at least mid February

    The payroll 2020 is not recognizing the pre-tax deductions such as cafeteria plans and retirement plans.  It is calculating federal and social security/medicare on entire earnings.  I will have at least 3 more payrolls for a number of large companies before…

  • journal entries showing up on account reconciliation

    I had an incorrect journal entry so I did a reverse journal entry. My general ledgers are now correct however one of the general ledger entries is showing up on my account reconciliation and throwing it off. I am not sure how to fix this. None of my other…

  • Internal Check numbers vs pre-printed issue

    During recent checkruns, we have discovered that our System sometimes assigns the same internal check number to more than one "external" or preprinted check.  Consequently, although both numbers are in sync when we start a checkrun, they are…

  • Reversing Journal Entries - Not Reversing

    Suddenly, without warning, and to my amazement, our reversing journal entries simply stopped reversing!  We have the box checked to reverse, however, the entry does not reverse.  Has anyone encountered this before?  Any suggestions?


  • account reconciliation

    Hi, I am new to DacEasy and I am trying to do an account reconciliation. I actually have a few separate questions.

    1) How can I tell when was the last time a month was closed out? I read that you should not be able to post to a closed month however I…

  • Check Register Different Than GL


    We are running Dac Easy 2012. I have been here 3 months and I've never been able to reconcile the checking account. I always have to make an adjustment that I cannot account for. This month has posed an interesting issue.

    Deposits are posted…

  • AR Bad Debt Write-off

    Can someone explain the technique normally used for writing off Bad Debt to a designated account number from AR?  Is this an AR Adjustment, or another type of transaction?



  • Correcting Errors

    How would you correct the following:

    Invoiced 2 separate customers, only 1 customer should have been billed. 

    Customer paid both invoices.  How would you correct the transaction?

  • Is there a way to enter Electronic Payments (ACH or wire) to Suppliers/Vendors?

    We would like to increase the number of electronic payments we process, thus cutting down the number of physical checks which need to be written, signed, and mailed.  Is anyone out there doing this?  If so, how do you record in in DACEasy?

    Thanks much!

  • How to apply credit a Merchandise received ?

    I have a Merchandise received from January that was a consignment and now has sold, but the price to the vendor is going to be 'lower' than the original MR price.  Since January was closed already and I can't change the price on the original invoice…

  • Removed 'credit' from CC in Sage....how do I balance vendor Aging report?


    Thanks to DACSCOTT, I was able to enter the refund in SAGE to show in the Credit card part BUT now I can't get it out of the Vendors Aging report as it shows as we still owe it.  What are the steps to…

  • How to enter a credit card refund from vendor?

    I need to know how to enter a refund from a vendor for a purchase charged to our credit card in February.  I tried using the ‘help’ in SAGE, but if was very confusing.  It wasn’t a merchandise received, it was just parts.  My supervisor…

  • March quarter end.

    Our 1st quarter ends March 31.  Our payroll ends on March 30.  If I do that weeks payroll on April 1st, will I be able to flip back to March 31st to run payroll report and close payroll without any problem.  Or should I close payroll a week early??  Thank…

  • BI Transaction posting detail

    Hi, can someone help me with how to get the detail behind a BI transaction which was posted in Summary?  I'm trying to analyze the COGS part of the entry.