• Btrieve #10

    I am using DacEasy 2012.  I am trying to add a footer banner.  Once I go in and add it, I click Ok.  Btrieve Error @ !0 on file   (ending in) DPOSGNRL.DB  Attempt made to modify key created as nonmodifiable.  Clicked help.  Said to Recover through File Utilities…

  • how to align invoices in DacEasy

    I have the same invoices from SAGE that I've always used, but suddenly they are not staying 'aligned'.  Is there a simple way to correct this?

    Thanks for the help.


  • How can different users use different form formats?

    User A wants to use //server/INVOICE.FMT.  User B wants to use //server/INVOICEB.FMT.  Can they make their selection once, rather than switching all the time in Edit>Defaults>Form Setups>Names?

  • Having problems showing user defined fields in invoice form



    This is the form setup which im using (sorry, picture wouldnt upload here). Its working perfectly fine, but when i print/export an invoice, not all the items are showing their user defined text (UDT). I even tried to…

  • Saving report to .pdf

    Is there an easy way to change the path where a pdf file is saved to from the company directory to another location?When running multiple reports at a time, it becomes cumbersome to have to change the path to which you want it saved for every single report…

  • Microsoft Office

    Does anyone know if DacEasy 2014 or 2015 will work with Office 365 or Office 2016?

  • Customer Discount on Invoice

    Hi, We offer discounts to many of our customers if they pay within 10 days. When I am in the receipts module, I see the discount allowed field.

    I would like to add a field on to our invoice that shows the discount allowed. Is there an easy way to do this…

  • Forms

    Is there a listing somewhere which lists the format file names and the forms to which they should be related?  i.e.  LASERIN.FMT - Invoice Format.

    Most are logical, but some are not intuitive. 

    Thanks for the help