• Cannot print vendor statements - FMT files not seen error

    This used to work, but now we get the message: "Error#4 Cannot open print format file. Template file has not been created." But the template (FMT) files are all there.

    Does anyone have a solution for this?


  • How to change the format printing checks.

    How to change the format printing checks. 

    The format was fine for the last 20 years, suddenly switched putting too many or not enough empty blank space lines when printing checks.   I have worked it out over and over until the new edited format is correct…

  • Report Format


    in Dag Easy 2014 when we pay our bills


    Cash Entry


    They are sorted by due date

    when we print an aging report it sorts it all by the vendor invoice number no matter

    if we select the due date selection.

    is there a way we can have…

  • need help with DacEasy13

    Hi All,

    I have been using daceasy since the 80's. I use Daceasy13. I only go into it about every 2 months,

    I enter all my deposits, my checks, I balance my checkbook and print a balance sheet and profit and loss. I am having a big problem and I…

  • Sage DacEasy Payroll 2020

    Can I go back and make changes on the 1st quarterly reports and close the quarter even if the reports need to be finalize and changes need to be made so that I can run my next quarter (4/15) payroll?

  • Bank Reconciliations

    Does anyone know if there is a way to print old bank reconciliations from the Bank Reconciliation Screen.  If the PDF copies of the reconciliations are missing, is there a way to go back and reprint?


  • Btrieve Error #4 - Vendor Name

    While using our DacEasy 2015.1 software, I am receiving the following error every time I try to sort something by the Vendor Name - agings, labels, statements, etc.

    Btrieve Error #4 of file G:\DACEASY FY19-20\DEAVEND.DB

    If I sort it by Vendor Code,…

  • Historical Invoice Report

    Is there a way to run a summarized report showing the last 5 years of invoices with a summarized report? Really just need the Customer Name, Invoice #, date.

  • Customer Sales for last year

    We have DacEasy and I want to know if there is a way to create a report showing ONLY the customers who purchased from us last year. If there is a way, please give me directions on that.

    Thank you so much and Happy New Year!


  • Duplicate rows in QUERY.

    I have a QUERY that I use to produce an Excel sheet for ordering purposes. I use the Sales History to add fields (Code, On hand, Sales YTD, Sales LY, etc.). This all works OK. However if I try to add the back orders to the query, then I get duplicate…

  • Split Tender in POS

    We tried to change our POS receipt to print the details of the split tenders and the following fields do not report properly in every combination: Credit Card 1 Amount, Credit Card 2 Amount, Credit Card 1 Masked Number, Credit Card 2 Masked Number, Credit…

  • How do I print an Inventory on hand list

    In Sage DacEasy.... How do I print an list that shows how much of each item in inventory is on hand?

  • DacEasy - error 501- unable to locate the report generator format files in either data or dea4base subdirectory

    Hi All,

    I am getting below error i try to do balancesheet report from DacEsy. Attaching the error screenshote here.

  • DacEasy 15 Report Layout Dialog Box missing buttons


    I have been using DacEasy version on Windows 7 Pro for a long time.  It was working fine until this past Wed (Jan 17 2018).  Now, I am not able to print any reports. 

    As an example, if I go to Reports | Payables | Aging, I get the "Payables…

  • SYTD (sales year to date) for items used in kits

    For parts numbers that are sold individually as well as are used in part numbers that are "kits", how can we get a true SYTD for the primary part number? I don't see any purchasing report that simply provides this information, nor do I see a way to get…

  • How can different users use different form formats?

    User A wants to use //server/INVOICE.FMT.  User B wants to use //server/INVOICEB.FMT.  Can they make their selection once, rather than switching all the time in Edit>Defaults>Form Setups>Names?

  • Is there a way to find out the total number of customers I have in Sage DacEasy?

    Is there a way to find out the total number of customers you have in Sage DacEasy?  My manager wants to know our total.

  • tax deposit history

    Is it possible to DacAccess-Query tax deposit history? Like the history that is available when in Process-Tax Deposit-941-History?

  • export codes history report to excel subtotal and grand total row values not in appropriate column

    When running a payroll code history, subtotal and grand total rows, for sort by code, rank by date for instance, values are not placed in the appropriate, matching column. They are placed starting in the 2nd column, rather than the 5th column, which is…

  • Info about other earnings from detail report

    Is there a way to find out information about the other earnings shown in the Payroll Detail Report? Like if vacation or sick time.

  • Is there a way to see all the monthly entries in an account such as 'shipping'? How will I do that?

    I want to pull up a report that shows all shipping for the month to see if /how UPS is being added to that account.  The numbers I have from directly off invoices are not matching the Sales journal or Accounts payable journal.

    Thank you.

  • Having problems showing user defined fields in invoice form



    This is the form setup which im using (sorry, picture wouldnt upload here). Its working perfectly fine, but when i print/export an invoice, not all the items are showing their user defined text (UDT). I even tried to…

  • Printing CA SDI on 2015 W-2


    Since year end is upon us, we are  starting to prepare the 2015 W-2s for our clients.  New for us this year is the form printing thru Aatrix.  Do we have to use it or can we print the W-2s thru our Payroll module like we did in v2013?  if we have to use…