• Btrieve #10

    I am using DacEasy 2012.  I am trying to add a footer banner.  Once I go in and add it, I click Ok.  Btrieve Error @ !0 on file   (ending in) DPOSGNRL.DB  Attempt made to modify key created as nonmodifiable.  Clicked help.  Said to Recover through File Utilities…

  • Btrieve Error #4

    Recently I made a mistake using Dac Easy, had an open merchandise received ticket and a sales register ticket open simultaneously with same product on them, submitted the sales register ticket first, crashed it, and created a 'ghost' ticket that couldn…

  • recover payroll

    i was restoring a payroll file and it restored unto my current file....is there anything i can do to recover the current payroll file...my back up i have of the current file is to old...


    Chester Mayhew

  • DacEasy 14 - Customer has balance but has no invoices or sales returns/payments in aging, thus I can't delete it.


    As my Description says, I am experienceing this problem and I want to delete.

  • Btrieve error22

    Hello! Somebody help me how to fix this problem regarding btrieve error22. I installed daceasy 2012 to my new computer. My previous version was 2011. I didn't encounter problem when I use 2012, but I just used the trial period. When It expires, I used…

  • DacEasy BackUp

    I am trying to backup our DacEasy accounting module, but I keep receiving an error message - "Error opening file. DEBCBLOG.DB. The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process.  Please confirm this file is not in use by…

  • Dac Easy 2015 Install Disc how to buy or download

    In light of Dac Easy meeting its demise this year, how can I buy a 2015 Install disc for an emergency failure down the road?

  • Sage DacEasy 2020 Program Issue

    • There's been an issue Found in the New Sage DacEasy 2020 Version that we've catalogued having to do with the Married Filing Statuses of Separately and Jointly in the article below for more information on this:
    • https://support.na.sage.com/selfservice…
  • Trial Balance and GL Activity do not tie for Several Accounts?

    I ran a Trial Balance for the year as well as a total GL Activity report for the same period, both with the "include unposted" box checked.  In comparing the "balance" on the activity report to the Trial Balance, I found 15 accounts in error…

  • Importing a Sales Price CSV file and getting "invalid import file name" message

    I found the Sage article on performing this and am very close to success.   My issue is that my CSV file is coming up with “invalid import file name”.  The name of the file fits all criteria, it’s called “Price.csv” and was saved from Excel as…

  • I cannot open a company from my open company box in accounting

    The path in the open company box is correct.

  • Sage Daceasy 2015 Invoice Problem

     I use this product at a Mechanics Shop. All the invoices and there numbers are gone that were written on Monday 1-13-202.  All the invoices that were written on 1-14-2020 are there however they have the invoice. Also Just realized that all the Parts That…

  • Exporting Statements to Excel


    I recently have joined an organization who utilizes Sage DacEasy Accounting (Version 2015.1.2.11) for their internal financial statements. In an effort to automate the process I am looking to export statements to Excel. 

    When I export statements from…

  • Can't Back Up Order Entry

    We are running DacEasy 2014. I am unable to back up our Order Entry module. When I do an F10 to show the data source path it is correct. However when I attempt to perform the back up there is an additional file extension that points to a read only file…

  • Help! SDK

    Help!  So I started working here almost a year and a half ago.  Right before I started work, an employee purchased the SDK and upgraded our DacEasy for my arrival.  He had the SDK on his computer and he use to pull access databases for me.  Our database files…

  • Import Error

    I get an import error, for a particular segment, when trying to import into the products custom text 3 field.

    The import products validation report details

    -"Problem Description" = "Inventory Tracking not valid" and for a few "Negative on hand units.…

  • Used cash receipts by mistake, everything should be put thru general ledger

    We only use general ledger and for a year someone has used cash receipts instead. Is there a way too change every transaction.  Now we are doing it one at a time.

  • Daceasy 2015 payroll tax table stored where?

    Hi, I have noticed that a new install of Daceasy Payroll does not have the tax table that was used in my other install.  I assumed it would be in the backup from Daceasy.

  • Importing from Excel

    Hi All -

    I'm pretty new to Dac Easy and I'm wondering if its possible to import our new prices for over 10,000 items from an excel spreadsheet into DacEasy Pricing.

  • Unable to open data file = 10

    When I go to DacEasy accounting under "Dac Access" -> Publisher I get an error "Unable to open data file = 10" 


    Just uninstalled/installed the new version 2015.1 SR3 and it still does it. It is only happening on this one machine…

  • Auto ReOrder

    I appreciate learning how to turn on the Export Function in Products.

    I notice that when I call up an invoice and request the Auto Re-Order Function, there is a greyed out button to Export there as well.

    I have turned on the Export Function from "Customize…

  • Query finds records, but does not return a screen showing the records.

    This is the first time I have experienced this with our query function. We have a network environment and this happens on only one computer.  This computer has been running the query for several years successfully.  I cannot think of anything which might…

  • Exporting Look Ups

    DacEasy 2015.1..

    When Exporting a Look Up file, as an ASCII file, It saves as a text file. but it does not appear to be delimited so that it cannot be opened in Excel effectively.  That is rather unfortunate. Am I missing something?

  • What are the conditions for running a scheduled backup?

    Hi friends. I have automatic backups scheduled through Business Center > Tools > Schedule Tasks that are not running, and I'm wondering if there are some conditions not listed in the user guide that I don't know about.  For example:

    Does the…

  • Dac Easy & One-Drive

    In a multi user setup of DacEasy 2015.1, is there any reason that One-Drive can not be used to host the data files? Pervasive seems finicky at times and so my one reservation/concern is that the pervasive side may not play well with this set up. Any thoughts…