• DacEasy Accounting 2015 Missing Lookup Accounts

    In DacEasy Account, when I go to payments, then hit F5 to look up a BANK account, the list is empty. If i look up customers everything is fine. When I start typing the account number, the list auto populates. The accounts ARE there and work fine when…

  • Install Sage DacEasy 2015 on Network computer

    I am installing the trial version of Sage DacEasy 2015 on a Windows 10 Computer to share across the network with other users.

    I installed as multiple user with Pervasive

    I have used shared the Sage Daceasy 2015 folder with the computer users

    I have installed…

  • hide terminated employee in edit employee lookup

    Is it possible to hide terminated employee in edit employee lookup? Delete the employee and all history is removed.

  • export codes history report to excel subtotal and grand total row values not in appropriate column

    When running a payroll code history, subtotal and grand total rows, for sort by code, rank by date for instance, values are not placed in the appropriate, matching column. They are placed starting in the 2nd column, rather than the 5th column, which is…

  • Info about other earnings from detail report

    Is there a way to find out information about the other earnings shown in the Payroll Detail Report? Like if vacation or sick time.

  • How to unassign column in Aatrix w-2

    How is a column unassigned in Aatrix W-2?