DacEasy 2013 Problem with Server 2019

Good day,

 Our server recently crash all data was moved to a new server running Server 2019 essential , we have Daceasy version 2013 installed in it. Our server do not have a domain controller we just using it to mother the database files and folders.

WE have a total of 5 computers that uses this software from our network

On the server all files are shared , the folder is showing it is shared, all computers and server is on the same work group and subnet.

Our workstation is running on windows 10 Pro the database folder is mapped and it showing up all the files in the mapped folder you can place a text document and edit it.

We you go into the software to add the module you get this error

and then you will get this next error

I have check back with the server but all is good with it, you can access the files onserver but not on the workstation, i try disable the firewall still not getting though

anyone have any knowledge on this problem