unable to uninstall DacEasy 2015


We are getting some strange behavior in certain functions after a windows 10 update. I am trying to uninstall the product from the Windows 10 control panel. 

Once i click "uninstall" in the Windows 10 control panel, a dialog appears asking "Do you want to allow this app to make changes to your device? Windows host process (Rundll32)"

I click Yes and receive this error: "The was a problem starting C:\Program      The specified module could not be found."  The error message is cut off when trying to display the full directory name.

How do I manually uninstall the programs?


  • Hmm...you may not have full rights to your computer.  Are you logged on as an administrator?  User account control could be to high, might need to turn it down or off potentially.  If push comes to shove, you can always go to c:\sage daceasy 2015.1 install files\, run the setup. as an administrator.  Right click the setup.exe, Select Run As Administrator, you can run a repair for it to reinstall itself or select Remove, which completely uninstalls the software.  If you get a pop up when right clicking run as administrator asking for user name and password, you don't have full rights to your computer.  Too high User Account Control can also, affect the functionality of software or processes.

  • I always had admin rights.I found the install disk and ran the setup from there. I then told it to remove the program and it completed the uninstall process successfully. However, after a reboot and an apparent successful re-install, I get a Pervasive database error when trying to launch the DacEasy program. I followed the directions from these forums to completely remove Pervasive and tried another re-install. Again, 

    Given some management changes at this company and other factors, we decided to move to Quickbooks Online. Thanks for your help though!

  • Your Welcome.  Thanks for update.  Sorry to hear that, but wish you well.