Sage DacEasy product retirement

What you need to know:

This announcement serves as advance notice of the retirement of Sage DacEasy, effective December 31, 2020.

DacEasy is being retired due to market demand, shifts in technology, and a change in business focus. Sage appreciates your loyalty to our product family. Therefore, we invite you to evaluate Sage 50 —U.S. Edition as your alternative offering.

Our investment in newer technologies and platforms makes Sage 50—U.S. Edition a better long-term fit for you as a Sage DacEasy customer. You will find a comparable feature set in Sage 50 and can leverage additional benefits that aren’t available in Sage DacEasy. Complimentary Sage 50 anytime learning subscriptions will be made available at no charge to you.

Your next steps:

For questions and concerns, refer to the Sage DacEasy to Sage 50 migration FAQs.

Account Management:

Contact your Sage DacEasy migration advisor at 800-937-9951 to migrate to Sage 50 today.

Thank you for your loyalty and support.

  • I am very disappointed in your decision to discontinue DacEasy.  We have used the DacEasy program since we started our business.  It works very well for a small manufacturing business.  Migration to Sage 50 is cumbersome and you still cannot migrate all needed data!!  As owner of both programs, you should have full migration for your loyal customers!  VERY DISAPPOINTED IN HOW YOUR HANDLING YOUR LOYAL CUSTOMERS

  • llombardo,

    As a DacEasy Certified Consultant I too am very disappointed and agree that Sage50 does not match up feature - to feature with DacEasy. I cannot speak for all of us who are DacEasy Certified Consultants, but I  will continue to support DacEasy as long as I am physically able to do so and/or until Windows "breaks" it with an update that no longer allows the program to function properly.  If you are not using the Payroll module, you are in better shape than those who do.

    I wish you well and ask that if you are not already working with a DacEasy Certified Consultant, please consider contacting me if you need support.

    Thank you!

  • I did find another payroll program that should meet your number of employee needs. Please
    call me for more information. 800-742-0741 or 985-898-3627  Thanks!  Linda Derby 

  • I'm trying to understand the process.....Sage 50 will produce a payroll file to upload to the 3rd party payroll  - but it won't produce a file the we can upload ourselves??? This doesn't make sense to me. It should be an easy fix to a customer to allow them to upload their direct deposit files anywhere the choose???

  • No, it's not like DacEasy Payroll. In order to use Direct  Deposit in Sage 50 you must apply to use Sage 50 Direct Deposit. It is not a free service .It is handled through a third party.  I do not have their rates but I believe it is based on the number of employees you process for DD for each payroll.


  • Yes, the 2-day turn-around time is a deal breaker

  • If you are still looking Payroll Mate does have the option for additional employee capacity which would fit your needs. Please contact them directly to find out  more about this.  Thanks !

    Linda Derby 985-807-4900 - Cell     800-742-0741  985-898-3627  [email protected]

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