• Sage 300 CRE Payroll - Work Comp Audit Reports

    I am new to this program and cannot seem to find the right reports that I need that would include everything for the auditors.  Any suggestions?

  • Payroll Change Period End Date

    I just used Change Period End Date to correct my accidentally entering the period end date incorrectly (May instead of June) on the Import Time screen, and was shocked to find that it also changed the Dates on all of my time records. Those dates were…

  • How do I set up a default payroll cost code?

    Is there a way I can set up a cost code either on the employee record or somewhere in the payroll module where I can make it so when I go to enter an employee's time it will default to a certain cost code on the payroll record?  

  • Can anyone recommend on boarding software that can import new employee information into payroll?

    Any recommendations on using on boarding software for new employees & importing into payroll?

  • Help with formula for deduction of dues

    The dues have changed, it used to be 4% of gross wages + .05 per hour.

    It is now 3.65% of: straight time hourly, total package multiplied by the number of all hours worked.

    Inclusive of:

    hourly wages (including overtime)

    Health & Welfare


  • Trouble with default Pay ID when entering checks

    We process payroll using the "enter checks" function.  We have an employee that went under Pay ID 5 until recently, when we switched them to Pay ID 0.  It seems that no matter how we change the employee's setup, Pay ID 5 still populates as the…

  • Payroll system - terminated employee

    We have quite a number of terminated employee's that still appear on reports, the term date and reason are both completed fields.  Some of these people we don't want to delete because they are seasonal. 

    Why would terminated employees still appear…

  • Setting up a state tax deduction to always calculate

    I have an employee that is a resident of New York but is traveling and working in several states based on project location.  He is requesting that we always withhold a flat amount for NY state withholdings regardless of where he works.  What is the best…

  • Adding the "Reprint Check Stub" Checkbox to Custom Payroll Stub

    I have created a custom paycheck stub and everything works great except I can't find the reprint check stub checkbox to add the to the report.  I started with a copy of the system report and modified it, but this option seems to have disappeared and…

  • Move Payroll between states

    I have some taxable wages along with the SWH that got put to the wrong state,  i do not have the option of voiding the direct deposits.  how can i mvre the taxable wages and apply the SWH collected to the correct state?

  • 3rd Party Sick Pay

    An employee is on Long-term Disability where the Third Party pays the employer and employee taxes with the exception of SUTA and FUTA.  They also issue a W-2 to the employee.  I need to process their 3rd party sick pay through the system to pay the FUTA…

  • Payroll Sage 100 Contractor

    In need of a better system to do our payroll. We are currently using About Time AKA WorkMax. They are SLOW and mess up all the time. My filed guys hate this system and complain every day. There is an issue every week. Most of the time it kicks them out…

  • LLC Owner Salary through payroll

    I work for an LLC. where the owner takes a "salary". This payment as of now is just printed as a check on the fly using an admin salary expense account.

    I would like to run the owners time through the payroll module so I can track the cost of…

  • How to set up a union pay rate of 7 for 8

    I would like to know how others have set up a union pay rate where we are required to pay 8 hours for 7 hours of work.  We have several employees that will be working a night shift and we will have to pay them 8 hours but they will only work 7.

  • Payroll Employee Setup Window "Last Check Amount" is blank because it doesn't pull in Direct Deposit amounts

    Is there a way to fill the "Last Check Amount" in Employee Setup with Net Direct Deposit information instead of this field remaining blank (since they didnt get a "check")?  OR is there a way to add a field in the Emplyee Setup to show…

  • Payroll Deduction Frequency

    Our company has office personnel on a semi-monthly pay cycle, and field employees on a weekly pay cycle.  In both cases, the employee's benefit deductions only come out of the last check of each month. 

    Is there a way to tell Sage in the employee setup…

  • 2022 CA SPSL Reporting on Paystub

    The 2022 CA SPSL law requires that we list the number of hours taken on a paystub (or on a memo) even if those hours are 0. The hours can also be reported on a separate insert, but with weekly payroll, that becomes quite burdensome. 

    According to KB Article…

  • Payroll

    We are an Ohio company that is looking to streamline some of the payroll processes.  Not necessarily to outsource payroll, since we are in the process of developing our own program to enter daily job cost/payroll into the system via Office Connector.  However…

  • 3rd Party Payroll Providers

    Is anyone extremely happy with their third party payroll provider--most importantly--the way it integrates with Sage 300?

    We are a GC with mostly salaried employees.  We are not overwhelmed with our current provider and would like to switch.  We would…

  • PR Tax Calculation using W-4 Amount vs. W-4 Exemption #

    When i use the calculator using the W-4 Amount, FWH seems to calculate a lot less to zero tax vs. when im using the Exemption number and im trying to understand why.

    Is there a special calculation when you use the amount?   What is done behind the scene…

  • Reporting of Term Life and Accidental Insurance over $50,000

    Our company pays for $100,000 for group term life insurance and $100,000 for accidental life insurance. I did not realize that the employee was responsible to pay taxes on the portion of life insurance above $50,000 that the employer pays. Is the employee…

  • Back Pay

    I need to back pay an employee.  He worked on a job where his pay was not correct.  All I need is to put the lump sum amount in the correct pay weeks in November and December last year for the certified report. So they can see he did get paid the correct…

  • New pop up message in Payroll :"Verify NACHA file accepted"

    We just did the update to 20.5.1 and now there is a pop up message when I go to generate direct deposits.

    This is not necessary and does slightly disrupt the work process. But if I work from home and this pops up on a different screen, I will not see…

  • Anyone work with State of Ohio ODOT and have to submit Certified Payroll Report in xml format?

    Anyone work with State of Ohio ODOT and have to submit Certified Payroll Report in xml format? Have you figured out a way to submit payrolls in the xml format?

  • Payroll

    Can I input hours for 2022 payroll if 2021 is not closed?