• Withholding by in error

    I am an Ohio contractor with many city income taxes.

    We started a job which we thought was in a city.  After one month, and 2 payrolls with that city's withholding, we verified that the job site is in a township.  No city income tax.

    What process should…

  • Outstanding Deposits and Withdrawals

    On my Bank Rec Report, I have a few items under Outstanding Deposits and Withdrawls from years ago. They go back as far as 2002. My accountant is wondering if we can't clear those out somehow.  Wondering how I might do this? I saw the article about…


    We have been purchasing materials in advance of jobs and coding to inventory and paying. I am wondering how to move it out of inventory to the job after the month is closed that they were paid in? Is this something that can be done in job cost? or a journal…

  • Cash Management Register's Posted & Reconciled, But General Ledger didn't catch transaction.

    I have Cash Management register (CM) matching the bank account. The General ledger (GL) didn't pick up this transaction. CM is reconciled.

    how would I add this to GL and keep everything balanced? last time this happened, I had to do a funky chicken…

  • Reversing a miscellaneous cash receipt not linked to a customer ID ( Accounts Receivable)

    Good afternoon,

    Just wondering if there is a way to reversed a miscellaneous cash receipt not linked to a customer ID.

     I was trying to be clever : )

  • Applying payments for AR Invoices that were applied in the wrong order


    We have 3 invoices 11113355, 11113356, 11113357.

    Invoice 11113357 was created to hold retainage for the previous two invoices after we received payment and realized retainage should have been held but was not originally.

    Therefore when we tried…

  • undoing a voided check

    Hi I inadertantly voided a check in AP Sage 300 is there a way to reverse it?



  • overbillings and fiscal periods

    This is my first year using Sage 100 Contractor (or sage at all). I started with a construction company in March 2021. I recently took a deep dive into how the overbillings and changes to estimated job profits effect each fiscal period. I simply wanted…

  • Remove an invoices from our Invoice Aging Report

    Our GL is correct, but as a result of a conversion issue, we have an AP Invoice stuck on our aging report that we do not wish to show up there. We do not wish to pay it, because then our GL will be off. Is there a way to remove this invoice from the invoice…

  • Edit Change Order Headings

    Does anyone know how to edit the headder on a change order in contracts? It currently has our old business name on it and we are trying to change it to the new one.

  • AP - Recurring

    We are new to Sage and yesterday I tried my hand at putting in quite a number of recurring invoices.  This did not work out so well due to various payment dates setup in the vendor masters, which I corrected.  Now I have a bunch showing as being due.

  • AR adjusting


    I made an adjustment in AR and the accounting date hit January and February. How would I be able to adjust that? It threw off my balance sheet and trial balance?

  • Accounts Payable

    Probably an odd question but does anyone know how to correctly adjust the A/P Ledger for Year-End Closing?  Accountant and Bank are looking for a correct A/P Ledger with the proper adjustments tied in.  I know the GL doesn't filter down to the Subsidiary…

  • Closing out year end

    In need of a little help closing out 2019.  Just started here and 2019 is still open.

    Since I'm new to Sage and have had minimal training, I need help.

    CPA is looking for me to do an adjusting entry for the Accounts Receivable Account.  We need to show…

  • Job Income

    We wrote a check to our client to return their share of cost savings on the completed project.  How do we decrease the income on the job to reflect this? I charged the check to a misc GL  account until I could figure how to this this correctly.

  • How do I create a WIP entry that is specific to a job?

    When we run a Job cost - Revenue report, the revenue amounts reflect billings. We would like to reflect billings +/- WIP.

    Ideally we would like to make a journal entry to adjust revenue for a specific job. How do we setup GL account so that we can capture…

  • PJ Change Requests-don't prefill estimate from price

    There are times when I enter a Time & Material change request for a certain price, but there shouldn't be an estimate, so 0.00 estimate. Sage is automatically prefilling the estimate from the price.  I am not  selecting "Prefill Job Estimate".…

  • change order alternates

    I need to enter a contract change order and the proposed CO also includes an alternate. Can I create a second change order item for the alternate within that same change order and approve it separately if the alternate ends up being used? Or just create a…

  • Void

    Simple for most but for some reason I am not finding the area of the software to where I can void a check that was ate by my printer. I am not able to also put a photo on here. Thanks in advance.

  • Changing Time

    How do I change time from back in January. I tried changing it, since they worked in two different locals it will not let me  change it. I have to wait until our next pay period?

    Thanks for your help!

  • Is there a way to delete or change a commitment change order that has been approved?

    Trying to delete a commitment change order that has been approved and it is now grayed out.  Is there a way to change from approved to pending or even deleting it?  Thanks.

  • How to correct duplicate Misc. Cash Receipt entry

    The same Misc. Cash Receipt was entered twice, on different dates.

    Since it was not payment towards an AR customer account, how do you correct the duplicate entry?

  • AP Credit Note


    Please advise how to correct entries:

    1. We received a credit note from a supplier and entered in AP as a "-"

    2. When the cheque was received with refund it was entered in AP with all JC information (incorrectly)

    3. Deposit was entered…

  • Contract allowances

    Good afternoon,

    Seeing if anyone has found a good way to account for contract allowances.  If a contract has a built in allowance it's noted in the original contract, but trying to fid the best way to track and bill against that allowance.  I haven'…

  • Duplicate cash receipt pending post, won't let me post it

    It looks like I have a duplicate receipt entry, one is type Csh rc and has posted correctly to at, however the other entry is type Cs cs rc.  Same date, same check number same amount.  The problem is the second type Cs cs rc is "pending post" so it will…