• overbillings and fiscal periods

    This is my first year using Sage 100 Contractor (or sage at all). I started with a construction company in March 2021. I recently took a deep dive into how the overbillings and changes to estimated job profits effect each fiscal period. I simply wanted…

  • A/P-A/R DPO - Owner Direct Purchase

    We are using Sage 100con.  We purchase items from a vendor and receive an invoice that is then paid for by the GC and we are given a deductive change order on the progress billing. How do we show the open invoice in AP paid for against the progress billing…

  • Non Job Receivable / Vendor Receivable


    I am new to this forum. I was not able to find any recent discussions or threads to help me answer my question, but hopefully someone here can help me out.... (this is in Sage 100 Contractor)

    1. I have not found a way to create a receivable that…

  • Voiding a Stale Check from Previous Archived Fiscal Year in Sage 100 (America)

    Good morning,

    Is there a need to void a stale check from previous archived year?

    Thank you,


  • AP - Recurring

    We are new to Sage and yesterday I tried my hand at putting in quite a number of recurring invoices.  This did not work out so well due to various payment dates setup in the vendor masters, which I corrected.  Now I have a bunch showing as being due.

  • Accounts Payable

    Probably an odd question but does anyone know how to correctly adjust the A/P Ledger for Year-End Closing?  Accountant and Bank are looking for a correct A/P Ledger with the proper adjustments tied in.  I know the GL doesn't filter down to the Subsidiary…

  • How to correct duplicate Misc. Cash Receipt entry

    The same Misc. Cash Receipt was entered twice, on different dates.

    Since it was not payment towards an AR customer account, how do you correct the duplicate entry?

  • Correct AP and CCP

    For the majority of this year we used Credit Card Management without have the Credit Cards Payable account set. Because of this, our AP totals in General Ledger are higher by the amount of the CCP transactions. What is my best bet to correct this mishap…

  • Duplicate cash receipt pending post, won't let me post it

    It looks like I have a duplicate receipt entry, one is type Csh rc and has posted correctly to at, however the other entry is type Cs cs rc.  Same date, same check number same amount.  The problem is the second type Cs cs rc is "pending post" so it will…

  • Best Practice for Blank Checks

    We occasionally use handwritten blank checks (e.g. for permits where you don't know the amount until you're in the permit office) and I'm looking for best practices, info on how others keep track of blank checks, and if there are pros / cons to our current…

  • Have you ever had payroll post to an incorrect job and wanted to fix it without using payroll?

    It is a common issue that payroll checks get posted with incorrect job information that needs to be corrected in Job Cost.  We usually recommend voiding the check or using Change Posted Time in payroll, but sometimes that is not an option for you. A great…

  • Applying paid invoices to Purchase Orders

    What's the best way to apply a paid invoice to an open Purchase Order?

    • Purchase Order Created.
    • Invoice Entered; not applied to PO.
    • No notification from Sage that there are open purchase orders for that job with this vendor.
    • Invoice Paid.
    • Period closed…
  • How to "hide" outsourced time on a bill

    We have a big job and have outsourced some of the work.  We just received the bill from the consultant who did the work, they have broken up the work by person and hours.  I'd like to have the people and hours appear on our invoice to the end client, just…

  • Invoice with balance of .01 Sage 300 CRE

    I'm sure this has already been addressed.  I have an AP invoice that shows up on my register with a balance of .01.  I've followed the usual steps to correct any issues (i.e. tax vs. tax paid), and no matter what I do the invoice either shows up on…

  • In/Out Checks for prior year before w-2s processed

    I have closed my year end for payroll (2014).  I haven't filed the year-end reports nor have I printed w-2's.  I forgot that I needed to process a zero check (in/out check) for non cash auto fringes for 4 employees.  I am going to post them as 12…