• can you apply a commitment in AP after an invoice has been paid

    Can you or how do you apply a commitment to an invoice after it has been paid

  • AR credit memo for returned merchandise

    I have a customer who has already paid an invoice in full but now is returning some of the merchandise and would like a credit for the return.  we will also be charging a 20% restocking fee for this inventory items they are returning.  Any suggestions on…

  • Withholding by in error

    I am an Ohio contractor with many city income taxes.

    We started a job which we thought was in a city.  After one month, and 2 payrolls with that city's withholding, we verified that the job site is in a township.  No city income tax.

    What process should…

  • Creating Deposit for Bank Account Funding

    Organizational structure consists of two companies, Company #1 and Company #2. Last year we switched bank accounts from Bank #1 to Bank #2 for our Checking and Health Reimbursement Accounts. Company #1 did not have any remaining checks for the old bank…

  • Is there a way to delete the estimate entries entered through job central?

    Is there a way to delete the estimate entries entered through job central?

  • Outstanding Deposits and Withdrawals

    On my Bank Rec Report, I have a few items under Outstanding Deposits and Withdrawls from years ago. They go back as far as 2002. My accountant is wondering if we can't clear those out somehow.  Wondering how I might do this? I saw the article about…

  • Cash Management-SAGE 300CRE

    When entering a deposit with a split detail of accounts, the system somehow doubled the amount of the deposit in Cash Management Register.  The general ledger is correct.  The bank reconciliation is correct.  But Cash Management Register is inflated by the…

  • Cash Management / General Ledger


    I'm hoping to get some answers/help. 

    I did a really stupid thing, I saw there was something outstanding from July (closed month) in General Ledger and without even thinking, i posted it. The problem with this is that the check was cleared in…

  • I received a deposit with multiple checks which were applied in AR and reconciled and then 1 of the check came back as NSF. How to enter the nsf check and get my receivable open again?

    I received multiple checks for AR times and the deposit cleared with my statement.  Then 1 of the checks came back as NSF.  How to enter the nsf check and get my receivable open again without throwing off my reconciliation for the prior month?

  • Voiding a Unitary Billing when Voided in AR mistakenly

    Many of the posts here refer how to recall and void a progress billing when voided in AR.

    Our issue is the unitary billing was voided in AR.

    When trying to void the Unitary Billing, get an error "Can't Void Paid/Void Invoices". Is there a fix of to this…

  • I posted payroll to the wrong period dates. Employees are already paid. How do I correct the payroll post?

    Payroll has been paid out to the employees. However, I realized that the period dates are wrong. How do I correct this issue? 

  • how to deduct from employee payroll amount for an invoice that company paid

    how to deduct from employee payroll amount for an invoice that company paid

  • AR

    We voiced a billing for 2021 in 2022 and it is throwing the contract off.

    We rebilled in 2022 for the same amount.

    How do we adjust the contract so the WIP report is correct?

  • Voiding a credit to an invoice.

    How do we void or edit a credit to an invoice?  The wrong account was used when the credit was input and when we go to void the credit Sage says "unable to locate ledger transaction for this record".

    Thank you for your help

  • Weekly Cycle Counts

    Hello Everyone,

    I currently do quartley inventories using Sage. I'm trying to find a way to do small weekly cycle counts but, I cant figure out how to do so in this program. Can someone plese share with me how to do so or if I'm missing sdomething?…

  • How do I change the posting period to a journal transaction?

    I entered a journal transaction and accidentally saved it under the wrong month and year. How do I change the one journal transaction? 

  • Accounts Receivable

    Went into adjust invoice receivables and voided an invoice. This invoice was a prior year invoice that was not paid. The void date was in the current year. This adjustment has not posted and is causing an inbalance. I get the following message "Based…

  • Service Management Receipt

    Can we reverse a Receipt in Service Management?

  • Move overhead labor to direct cost labor for T&M billing

    I need to move some overhead labor costs that were miscoded to direct labor costs on a time and material job.   Is there a best practice way to do this?  If I do a general Journal then run the T&M calculation It requires the employee's name to calculate…

  • setting up contracts

    If I have a contract with over 50 contract items on my SOV is there a way to import these items instead of entering them individually? 

  • accounts payable

    My AP checks are out of sequence.  Where do I go into settings to correct?


    We have been purchasing materials in advance of jobs and coding to inventory and paying. I am wondering how to move it out of inventory to the job after the month is closed that they were paid in? Is this something that can be done in job cost? or a journal…

  • Apply payment to job from a different customer

    We had a job with ABC Company and the costs on the job went over the contract amount by $50,000.  We had purchased scaffolding for the job and we were able to sell the scaffolding to XYZ Subcontractor, for the same amount ($50,000).  Is it possible to apply…

  • Void unassigned check Sage 300 CRE - AP

    Does anyone know if there is a way(in Sage 300 CRE US)  to void checks that have been unassigned and damaged?

  • Remove a Cash Management Transaction

    I need to remove a cash management transaction without effecting General Ledger.  Is there a way to do this?