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  • is Payroll in 5-2-2 no longer automatically changing Pay Type to Overtime if hours on the same day is entered on another line and that day is over 8 hours?

    Sage 100Con used to automatically change the Pay Type to Overtime if I entered hours over 8 hours for the same day on a different line in 5-2-2 Payroll Records. I know there was an updated to automatically calculate as OT over 40 hours.

    Is the daily OT…

  • When I select federal form 5-4-1 I get a fatal Error message of- Could not load registration dII, then I get kicked out of Sage. How can I get the 941 tax form for Quater payroll taxes?

    When I select any options from Federal and State filling taxes, I get an fatal error message and I get kicked out of Sage. I am trying to get the tax forms 941 for quarter payroll taxes. 

  • How to turn off "Consolidated" lines when posting from 4-2 (Payable Invoice) to 1-3(Journal Transaction) ?

    While trying to prepare for budget, I'm pulling the transactions per GL Account and classifying them.   However when I do this, it's pulling the details from the 1-3 (Journal Transactions) so half of my detail just shows "consolidated" for description…

  • Reminder: This job has a completed status

    Since updating to version 24, we are now receiving a message "Reminder: This job has a completed status? Do you want to save anyway?". A similar message would appear if a job had a "Closed" status. The message for "Closed" status jobs was understandable…

  • Announcing Sage 100 Contractor version 24.2

    What's new in version 24.2 (24.2.100)

    Both Editions

    • Multiyear payroll - after you process your final payroll for the year, you can either  close your payroll year (and archive your records later) or follow your usual process to archive payroll…
  • AP subcontract billing over the commitment amount


    Recently I was entering a payable invoice (pay app) subcontractor that was tied to a commitment in Sage 100 Contractor. The pay app included a change order that we had not yet processed in Sage on our end. When entering this, it allowed me to enter…

  • I entered a check deposit under Deposits/Interest. However, when I go to Bank Reconciliation the check deposits comes out to zero. When I go the GL the deposit appears twice and cancels the amount out to zero.

    We recieved a refund check from the state in the amount of 1,977.25 and I need to record the check that has already been deposited into our cash account for bank reconciliation. I entered the deposit under Deposits/Interest and only entered the amount…

  • Sage CRM integration with Sage 100 Contractor

    Does Sage CRM integration with Sage 100 Contractor?  More specifically, does Sage provide an integration between Sage CRM and Sage 100 Contractor.  If so, can someone point me to the appropriate documentation?  I cannot find a download for Sage CRM with…

  • Sage 100 Contractor Modify Report - Define Selection Criteria - Enable 'Or' logic

    When modifying a report, there is an option to enable 'or' logic in the selection criteria.  I'm having a hard time setting this up and wanted to see if anyone has had success with this.

  • Why do the periods in the top right and bottom center not match on a payroll record in the general ledger?

    Why do the periods in the top right and bottom center not match on a payroll record in the general ledger?

  • How do I change the posting period to a journal transaction?

    I entered a journal transaction and accidentally saved it under the wrong month and year. How do I change the one journal transaction? 

  • Upload CSV or Excel files into Sage 100 contractor

    Hello, we are are construction company in Edmonton Alberta, Canada looking at different software options to automate our AP process. Some of those options require our accounting staff to be able to upload a CSV file or Excel File to sage. 

    Does Sage 100…

  • Move overhead labor to direct cost labor for T&M billing

    I need to move some overhead labor costs that were miscoded to direct labor costs on a time and material job.   Is there a best practice way to do this?  If I do a general Journal then run the T&M calculation It requires the employee's name to calculate…

  • Progress billing issue on new startup

    I've made a mess and I do not know how to fix it. 

    In 3-7 Progress billing I opened a job and imported the proposal.

    The problem being since this is a new start-up I had to recreate the progress billing we had been using. The way our progress billing…

  • Restoring historical data

    History of Question:
    * The SAGE 100 Con database had over 30 companies in it and performance was "sluggish."
    * Backups were made of all companies and copied to another server for safekeeping.
    * A 2nd SQL instance was created and all companies between…

  • Sage Consultant Switch

    Does anyone know if you can switch your consultant to a different vendor?  Is it fairly easy?  How does the yearly support subscription work after that, that just gets billed directly from Sage?  

    Thank you, 


  • Voided A/P Checks

    I just voided several checks for a vendor. How do I run a voided check report?

  • Modify Accounts Payable Check Form (Template)

    When there are several check form designs with different bank accounts is there a way to review the check form designs (template) before printing to ensure the template with the correct bank account has been selected?

    In addition, I would like to know…

  • Multiple Garnishments

    Is there a way to sequence several garnishments for one employee so one garnishment calculates after all others have been taken out of the employees net pay? 

  • Sage 100 Contractor 24.1 - New Important Notes feature

    This is a great new feature, but has a significant flaw.

    The important note uses the same field in the database, so therefore an important note prints on all documents where a note filed is already used on a printed form.  The means that if you want to…

  • Releasing Subcontractor Retention

    When releasing retention on a job, the AR module allows you to update the due date for invoices.  This allows you to run aging reports with the retention showing in the correct column. 

    However, when you "Release Payable Retention"  there is no…

  • Change Order Tracking

    When we self preform change order work on a project, is there a way to tract those labor and material costs separately without having to create a phase or use a new cost code? I've tried both of those methods and I'm just not loving either way.…