• Sage 300 CRE, automate adding employees to PR module

    Hi,  I have been told by sage support that ODBC and MS Access can be used to add employees to the payroll module, but professional services must be engaged.  I am wondering if anyone has used powershell or another scripting tool to add employees. 

  • No data was returned by Sage Estimating Error: "Error Staging Data No data was returned by Sage Estimating. This could be caused if the estimate you selected is currently open (locked) in Sage Estimating. Close the estimate and then try again.&quo

    Error retrieving data for an estimate.


    "Error Staging Data

    No data was returned by Sage Estimating.

    This could be caused if the estimate you selected is currently open (locked) in Sage Estimating. Close the estimate and then try again."…

  • Company Folders Blank in a new installation


    One of our workstations crashed and we have currently installed 20.5 version of Sage 300 CRE (there are no other versions on this workstation). The server is also on 20.5 which we upgraded from 18.4 to 20.5 

    In the workstation, the install completed…

  • Can you use Crystal Reports to change the value of fields in Sage 300 CRE...?

    If this is not possible what would the best way to accomplish this?

    I have the Certified Class description i want to assign to the Occupation field on the Master Employee Record, we would like them to match and currently they do not.



  • Bank account created in CM is not showing in AP when trying to generate crystal reports.

    We have created a new bank account in CM module and the transactions are correct going but when trying to generate crystal report in AP module the particular bank name is not listed.The CM and AP module details and not sync.

    In order to generate crystal…

  • Creating upload files for Arcoro...

    We are in the process of moving to Arcoro HR and I have been building imports for this.

    Two of the imports concern pre/post 2020 employee tax info, and some of the data required is Year, Additional Withholding, Filling Status for that year, Exempt or…

  • What table in the DB has all the Job Setup Change Management information

    What table in the DB has all the Job Setup Change Management information - looking for the table that has the markup grid 

  • Remote App - ODBC

    We recently change IT Providers and they are now hosting our servers.  We access Sage via Remote App.  They have created a separate Excel app I have to use (Remote App) that I am to use for ODBC.  I know we have updated Excel and Sage but holy-moly - either…

  • Service Management Data Dictionary and ODBC Connector?

    I can connect to Sage 300 tables via the Sage 300 ODBC connection ; however, the ODBC Connection doesn't have access to any Service Management tables.  Is there a different method for connecting to the S.M. tables.  Finally, where can I get a list of…

  • ODBC does not like other passwords except for "password"


    I'm trying to set up a connection to a Sage300CRE company using a "DSNLess" ODBC connection.  It appears that the only password it will accept without giving me an ERROR [28000] [Sage][SQLEngine] (31830) Username and password is required…

  • Crystal Reports Fundamentals Training

    I have started Sage University's SAP Crystal Reports Fundamentals training and am having issues connecting Crystal Reports to Sage 300 CRE.  I have the trial version of Crystal Reports and Sage 300 CRE.  I have configured the Timberline Data Source…

  • Crystal Report Formulas

    Employee Emp Name Per Begin Date Period End Date Fringe ID Amount Deduction ID Amount
    1001 Jackson, One 1/4/2021 1/10/2021 MEDEMP $   220.00 MED01 $   95.00
    1003 Jackson, Three 1/4/2021 1/10/2021 MEDEMP $   221.00 MED02 $   96.00
  • Is there a way to auto-generate a value in a new WBS code based on values in other WBS Codes?

    I have a field that I'd like to generate in Sage that is based on other manually entered values in Sage WBS codes.  I could do this in excel utilizing a concatenate function, but I'd like to do it all in one place, if possible.  Does anyone know…

  • error, "SqlDateTime overflow. Must be between 1/1/1753 12:00:00 AM and 12/31/9999 11:59:59 PM"

    In Database Admin, restoring a Client's backup, I am getting an error, "SqlDateTime overflow. Must be between 1/1/1753  12:00:00 AM and 12/31/9999 11:59:59 PM"

    What is this?

    I write reports, and get client databases to work in. This is the…

  • Using an Excel OCBC SQL execute - Can you run multiple update statements to update entries in a Table?

    Using excel 2019, Sage CRE 300 18.2

    I want to update hundreds of payrates via script instead of plugging each one in via user interafce.

    Tested this and it works fine for 1 update:


  • Write Over Contract Value in Job Master from Office Connector

    It doesn't look like there is an ability to use the Write function to update the Original Contract Amount in the JC Job (1) Master table from Office Connector.  Is this something that we are able to add in?  We would like to keep this field updated for…

  • PJ Field Reports Labor Table Fields using ODBC

    I'm trying to pull records from the PJ Field Reports Labor Table in Crystal but I'm unable to figure out how the employee is being linked.  Does anyone know what table is being used to link the employee to the PJ Field Reports Labor table?

  • Accessing Sage 300 CRE Data from the Web - Error [28000][Sage][SQL Engine](31830)Username and Password is required

    We are accessing Sage 300 CRE data in a web page using the ODBC 32 bit driver we set up as a system dnn (TMBWeb). The dsn points to the correct data folder and is configured for standard descriptions and maximum table segment size. We have a connection…

  • Sage 300 Construction PO's

    I use a lot of queries to grab data out of Sage.  I have and use the PO/Commitments application.  Can someone tell me what table or where the table is to look at data there?  I can only find data in the Job after the PO has been committed and sent to Job…

  • 35 tables are not loading to timberline database

    I am querying the Timberline replicated database located on the Kettler “ktlrhq-db1.corp.ketsco.com” SQL Server instance.


    I need to perform several queries into this database.  This query returns total amounts for each cost code, section and…

  • PO archive and upgrade?

    Has anyone had experience with archiving the PO module?   According to KB articles, moving POs and COs to history is the first step in improving performance in the PO module.  Clean out all those old records.   I have done this in a test environment and can…

  • Ts.ctl file in use during backup vs 17.1.8

    Here's a new problem after installing 17.1.8 update (not a problem with 17.1.7):  Common Tasks - Tools - File Tools - Backup

    The "ts.ctl" file is in use when we try to use file tools to backup our data.  The knowledgebase leads you to various…

  • Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate PRM tables Pervasive


    I am working with a client using Sage 300 version 9.5(?). When I open PCC I am unable to see the PRM tables. After some research I think that the reason the PRM tables (among others) do not show up is because the DDF files do not contain the schema…

  • Is it possible to connect to the Pervasive Database from a Linux machine?

    Making queries from excel / crystal reports is easy on a windows computer using the ODBC connections, but is this something that has been done from Linux computers on the network? For instance, if we have an application running on a random computer controlling…

  • Is there a way a field with the pre-tax billed amount in AR or JC that can be used in an inquiry?

    We are building an ODBC inquiry that shows the profits for each job. Is there a field that shows the pre-tax billed amount? We found a field that has the total billed amount including taxes.