• Bank account created in CM is not showing in AP when trying to generate crystal reports.

    We have created a new bank account in CM module and the transactions are correct going but when trying to generate crystal report in AP module the particular bank name is not listed.The CM and AP module details and not sync.

    In order to generate crystal…

  • Reconciling Credit Card statements between CM and AP Verify Statement Balance

    We normally reconcile our CC statements in CM, however, for one of them, we recently started using the AP Verify Statement Balance module.  How can I move necessary entries from one to the other until everything is in the AP option?


    Artis Haye…

  • Entering beginning balances

    Is there anyone who can tell me the order of modules used for entering beginning balances?  I know that this is something that my consultant or business partner should help me with, but they will not respond to any of my emails.  I need to get an existing…

  • Reconcile with Style!

    January is over and hopefully you've got your W2s out the door to your employees! Next up on many clients "To Do List" is reconciling their General Ledger and other financials. A great resource to aid you in reconciling your data/reports, are the following…

  • Check Register by Job

    Hello: How can I get to run the report: Cash Management> Check Register by Job?

    It is listed under the Report Manager tab, but going under the Cash Management module does not populate it or simply I am unable to run it.

  • RE: check a/p to cm problem

    Hi tsage41,

    Welcome to Sage City and thanks for posting the question. Based on the information you provided above I would recommend reviewing the following knowledgebase article by logging into the Customer Portal:

    • KB223550 - "When I try to print a check…