• Payroll Employee Setup Window "Last Check Amount" is blank because it doesn't pull in Direct Deposit amounts

    Is there a way to fill the "Last Check Amount" in Employee Setup with Net Direct Deposit information instead of this field remaining blank (since they didnt get a "check")?  OR is there a way to add a field in the Emplyee Setup to show…

  • Payroll Deduction Frequency

    Our company has office personnel on a semi-monthly pay cycle, and field employees on a weekly pay cycle.  In both cases, the employee's benefit deductions only come out of the last check of each month. 

    Is there a way to tell Sage in the employee setup…

  • New pop up message in Payroll :"Verify NACHA file accepted"

    We just did the update to 20.5.1 and now there is a pop up message when I go to generate direct deposits.

    This is not necessary and does slightly disrupt the work process. But if I work from home and this pops up on a different screen, I will not see…

  • last name change

    Hello Everyone,

    We have an employee who has changed their last name. Do I have to create a new employee? If so what will happen to his long term previous records.

    Can I just change his last name? everything else for him is the same?

    Kindly let me know…

  • PTO shown on paystubs

    I would like to edit our current paystub to include available PTO hours, is there a way to make that happen?

    Thank you!

  • 401K Contribution

    Hi Sage,

    I have an employee who wants to contribute 100% of his bonus to his 401K.  The FICA taxes calculate on the full amount, so I reduced the contribution by the  FICA taxes and now it calculates a state tax, which there shouldn't be a state tax against…

  • Setting up HSA as a Direct Deposit

    Is Article ID 26573  in the knowledge base still applicable to set up HSA for direct deposit? Also, can I copy and paste the formula as shown in the article when I create the formula?

  • Payroll FWH Calculation Verification

    I’m processing my first new employee under the 2020 W-4 form, and I cannot reconcile using the IRS tables to verify Sage’s calculation. Anyone see where I am going wrong?

    Single, $2000 for dependent, $860 taxable this week, state is NH (no…

  • Archiving Employees - Employee # already exists in archive file.

    I want to move my past/terminated employees over to the archive folder, however there is already an archived employee with the same number of one I am looking to move. Any thoughts on what will happen, or what I can to to keep the records for both individuals…

  • Deferred Compensation

    I am new with the company, and not as familiar with SAGE 300. Has anyone set up a Non-Qualified deferred compensation plan? I am trying to work with Sage support, but so far two people i've talked with don't even know what a deferred compensation plan…

  • States passed to Aatrix

    I have states passing to Aatrix that we don't have have set up on any employee.  How do I remove a state from my data file so that I can delete it in the Aatrix company setup?   

  • Sage 300 Upgrade, before the payroll for 2019

    Hi, I am runing the sage 300 version 16.1, and I am upgrading to 18.2. Do I have to wait for the upgrade before I run my first payroll for 2019??

  • Partial Direct Deposit - Net check is less than amount to that account

    Is there a formula I could use for partial direct deposits where the net check after Process Payroll is less than the amount to go to that account? 

    Example:  Employee wants $750 to go to a specific account, with reminder going to another.  This week, the…

  • Is there a way to NOT print direct deposit notifications but print the direct deposit register?

    I know I can set the notifications to print to a file but we are using MyAssistant to send pay statements so I would really like to just have the direct deposit register generate and NOT the notifications.  

  • Davis Bacon wage survey report

    I am looking for a job cost/payroll report that will show the the peak weeks worked on any project by trade or department that can be run by period end dates/specific timeframe.  Anyone know of a report that will accommodate this?

  • Formula MAX Pay Period End Date

    Looking for a formulaa to simply look into the PR-Check table and return to me an employees maximum date within the Pay Period End Date field . As the help file suggests, the MAX function is only used for numbers and Sage doesnt like it when I try to apply…

  • Payroll import time entry format

    I need to know what order the columns need to be in for import into Payroll.

    I haven't been able to find it in the in program help index, or by searching.

    I found a third party recource that gave me the first 9 (in order):

    Employee, Date, Job, Extra…

  • Have you ever had payroll post to an incorrect job and wanted to fix it without using payroll?

    It is a common issue that payroll checks get posted with incorrect job information that needs to be corrected in Job Cost.  We usually recommend voiding the check or using Change Posted Time in payroll, but sometimes that is not an option for you. A great…

  • 401K formulas/setup when plan allows different withhold amount on Bonuses?

    does anyone have 401k formulas setup to incorporate different amounts withheld on Bonuses.  Our plan allows participates to withhold a different amount on Bonuses both 401k and Roth.  We have formulas setup to calculate 401K and Roth and to compare to one…

  • Missing WIP Records from Payroll

    We have a couple of jobs where all of the WIP records are not coming through to billing from payroll. It's not the complete job where the data isn't flowing through, but a particular cost code. The cost code flows through for other jobs. I have verified…