• Cheque printer changed

    Dear team,

     We are recently change the printer for cheques to a latest printer .

    We were using HP Laserjet P1102 and we purchased a new Laerjet 107 W .

    But when we print the cheque , each time i have to edit the report according to values in the cheque…

  • Report Designer Time format

    I'm trying to create a formula for a date stamp time condition but cannot seem to figure out the format used for a time constant.

    For example: Time Stamp > 14:30:00 doesn't work. What is the proper format for a time constant?

  • Where are formulas being used

    I am trying to find out if there is a PSQL query or a report that I can run that will show me where formulas are being used - or if they are.  So, if a formula is being used, is it used in another formula, report, etc.  I have 100's of formulas & reports…

  • Davis Bacon wage survey report

    I am looking for a job cost/payroll report that will show the the peak weeks worked on any project by trade or department that can be run by period end dates/specific timeframe.  Anyone know of a report that will accommodate this?

  • Formula MAX Pay Period End Date

    Looking for a formulaa to simply look into the PR-Check table and return to me an employees maximum date within the Pay Period End Date field . As the help file suggests, the MAX function is only used for numbers and Sage doesnt like it when I try to apply…

  • Report Designer - NEWDATE to generate LM(Last Month) and MTD(Month to Date)

    I am really stuck, have spent too much time spinning my wheels on this.   I have created a new report with values coming from Job cost, Contracts, Billings etc all coming from transactions using Accounting Dates.   I am using a Prompt so I have a "Cut-off…