• export import cost codes

    Looking for guidance how we can export our standard cost codes from one company and import into another?

  • Entering Job Cost Estimates

    When entering a JC estimate, I can't save and close out of the transaction.  I have to Alt-Ctrl-Delete to end task, then estimate is not in JC.  I can't find anything in the Version 20.3 release notes or knowledge base. 

  • Distorted font question

    I just received a new computer from our IT department and when I go to run Recalculate Custom Totals in Job Cost, the window appears stretched and distorted. I've tried changing my computer's scaling, reinstalling fonts, etc. Is there anything else I…

  • Amount Invoiced vs Amount Paid

    Why would my amount paid not match my amount invoiced on a committment report when I went back and changed the invoice to be linked to the proper commitment?

  • How can I prevent users from manually changing the job status from closed to in progress?

    We have the flag preventing posting to closed jobs turned on in our job cost settings.  When a user gets that message that they can't post, they just go into the job setup and just change the status to in progress, and then go ahead and post their transaction…

  • Davis Bacon wage survey report

    I am looking for a job cost/payroll report that will show the the peak weeks worked on any project by trade or department that can be run by period end dates/specific timeframe.  Anyone know of a report that will accommodate this?

  • Job Cost post entries Rejected - Accounting date is invalid

    from "Inventroy - Post Inventory Costs to Job Cost" a batch is created to be posted in JobCost.

    In "JobCost - Post entries" and selecting the IV batch, it processes the posting. However, the "Job Cost Post Entries Report" shows the line items…

  • Report Designer - NEWDATE to generate LM(Last Month) and MTD(Month to Date)

    I am really stuck, have spent too much time spinning my wheels on this.   I have created a new report with values coming from Job cost, Contracts, Billings etc all coming from transactions using Accounting Dates.   I am using a Prompt so I have a "Cut-off…

  • Have you ever had payroll post to an incorrect job and wanted to fix it without using payroll?

    It is a common issue that payroll checks get posted with incorrect job information that needs to be corrected in Job Cost.  We usually recommend voiding the check or using Change Posted Time in payroll, but sometimes that is not an option for you. A great…

  • Switch Job(s) from Standard Cost Codes to Assigned Cost Codes

    Does anyone have any experience or knowledge they can share to further the following dialog?  It seems like this should be  a common issue/request, so I am hoping someone can shed some light out there!  Thanks!

    Is there any documentation/tool/utilities to…