• Job Income

    We wrote a check to our client to return their share of cost savings on the completed project.  How do we decrease the income on the job to reflect this? I charged the check to a misc GL  account until I could figure how to this this correctly.

  • Is it possible to import quick bill invoices or non-contract invoices?

    I have been able to find the import layout for AR Invoice Import but it looks as if this is using contract based type billing for the imports.  Is there anyway to import an invoice as a quick bill with standard items on it?

  • A/R Billings Not Balanced with JC Billings

    I entered an invoice into A/R for a customer for a job that has no cost on it.  When I try to balance my Customer billings G/L with the Profit Report "Billed to Date" it isn't balancing.  I'm not sure what the correct way was to post this…

  • Can I have multiple job numbers on the same invoice?

    Can I have multiple job numbers on the same invoice?

  • AR - Deleting Miscellaneous JC Cash Receipt

    I entered in a check as a miscellaneous JC cash receipt which was only applied to a job, not a customer.  I now need to delete or void that cash receipt, but cannot use Adjust Receivables since I don't have a customer number associated with it.  Is…