• Profit and Loss

    Is there a way or method I can run a Profit and Loss for a specific time period - for example, 7/1/2018 through 6/30/2019?

  • Equipment Repair Jobs For tracking all equipment costs

    I am attempting to created equipment repair jobs to track all shop personal activities.  We use HCSS Heavy Job for time keeping in the field and we are looking at having our mechanics use it. 

    Does anyone have  a good template for equipment repair labor…

  • Contract allowances

    Good afternoon,

    Seeing if anyone has found a good way to account for contract allowances.  If a contract has a built in allowance it's noted in the original contract, but trying to fid the best way to track and bill against that allowance.  I haven'…

  • States passed to Aatrix

    I have states passing to Aatrix that we don't have have set up on any employee.  How do I remove a state from my data file so that I can delete it in the Aatrix company setup?   

  • Is anyone using electronic payments to upload files to Wells Fargo in a flat file format?

    Is anyone using electronic payments to upload files to Wells Fargo in a flat file format?  This is not the NACHA text file format supported in the program.

  • OKI 490 and 590 printer issues

    One of my customers is running Sage 300 CRE, v15.1.  They have one each of OKI 490 and 590 printers that are attached via LPT1 on two separate workstations and then shared to network.  The only driver they have been able to use is the Epson LQ-2550 driver…

  • Are there any Inquiry GURUS, I need a formula to add all subcontract balances for each vendor.

    I am trying to build a inquiry that will show the vendor and the sum of all of their remaining balances for all subcontracts.

  • Print files launching a second desktop.exe - 16.1

    When attempting to launch print files from desktop the print file window does not open, but another desktop.exe is launched. NTFS permissions to the print files locations are the same for these users as others who are able to launch print files successfully…

  • A/R Billings Not Balanced with JC Billings

    I entered an invoice into A/R for a customer for a job that has no cost on it.  When I try to balance my Customer billings G/L with the Profit Report "Billed to Date" it isn't balancing.  I'm not sure what the correct way was to post this…

  • Can I have multiple job numbers on the same invoice?

    Can I have multiple job numbers on the same invoice?

  • Best Practice for Blank Checks

    We occasionally use handwritten blank checks (e.g. for permits where you don't know the amount until you're in the permit office) and I'm looking for best practices, info on how others keep track of blank checks, and if there are pros / cons to our current…

  • Have you ever had payroll post to an incorrect job and wanted to fix it without using payroll?

    It is a common issue that payroll checks get posted with incorrect job information that needs to be corrected in Job Cost.  We usually recommend voiding the check or using Change Posted Time in payroll, but sometimes that is not an option for you. A great…