• Bank Rec Report

    Isn't there a basic bank rec report that will spell out the bank reconciliation?

    I have run 1-5-0-21, but the "account current balance" at the bottom of the report is very misleading, as it reflects today's GL balance instead of the GL balance at…

  • How do you handle AR deposits?

    We require a 40% deposit prior to fabricating our product.  What is the best method of recording the deposit and also showing this deposit on the future invoices as a pre-payment?  Revenue and Expenses are recorded using the Completed Contracts Method.  

  • Fuzzy Logo

    I have inserted a logo into Sage but the image prints fuzzy to both screen and paper.  I have tried both JPEG and BMP images.  Any ideas how to resolve?  The images are perfectly fine if used outside of Sage.

    Thanks for your help!

  • Connection Timeout Expired

    We are having an issue resulting in the following Fatal Error message.

    Connection Timeout Expired.  The timeout period elapsed while attempting to consume the pre-login handshake acknowlegement.  This could be because the pre-login handshake failed or the…

  • Excel Friendly Reports

    Anyone have any luck modifying reports to be more Excel friendly? I'm used to pulling G/L details and Job Cost details into Excel to put them into PivotTables or Filter by specific jobs and/or codes, but the System reports have too many page breaks…

  • Payroll Service - Paylocity

    Looking at options for payroll processing, anyone have experience with Paylocity?

  • Cash flow statement based on budget

    I am looking for a cash flow statement that can be ran based off budget numbers entered into Sage 100C. I realize that this would be a custom report and would need criteria entered, ie AR & AP turnover, etc. Looking for ideas, a report writer, or utility…

  • Is your Aatrix tax forms update not completing or presenting an error?

    The Aatrix automatic updates this year-end may take longer to complete, please allow time for them to finish. For 2017 year end (W2, 1099 & 1095 (ACA)) filings, Aatrix now requires 3 different Microsoft redistributables.  These files will be installed…

  • Sage Business Partner Hiring for a Sage 100 Contractor Consultant

    sky-line is looking for a creative, self-starter to join our support team as a full-time employee based out of either Portland or Seattle. Seeking a Sage 100 Contractor Accounting Software Consultant.

    Do you have an interest in supporting small to mid…

  • Removing or Decreasing A/R Invoice


    I am new to Sage and have found that you can not do a JE to reduce an A/R invoice attached to a job.  My client received payment for a particular invoice long ago yet it still shows in A/R so how would I remove that invoice without voiding it?  Cash…

  • Sales Tax Calculation in Change Order screen

    Estimators put sales tax as a separate line item on the change order because there does not appear to be a sales tax calculator in the Change Order screen, but when you bring the C/O over to Progress Billing, you have an extra line item, because Sales…

  • Prime Contract Change Orders/Audit report

    We are a government contractor and often receive Change Orders from the Government that are zero DOLLARS but for a Time Extension only.

    When I enter the Change Order with Zero Dollars it will not appear on the Prime Contract Audit Report.   With it not…

  • Version 20 Upgrade Guide - Illustrated

    At the Link Below you should find an illustrated guide for the V20 upgrade. I highly recommend attending one of the Study Halls. This guide was written when 20.5 was the latest version so it is a bit out of date but the overall process is still the same…

  • JE affecting A/R - Error Msg: Posting to A/R Not Allowed


    My client incorrectly posted a receipt a couple months back and I am trying to adjust/correct the entry by doing a JE.  The following is what the JE looks like:

    1100 A/R            $  16                Customer: Dodie

    1100 A/R                       $200     Customer: Varley

  • Seeking Bookkeeper and Payroll Clerk for Sage100 Contractor in Fresno County, CA.

    Please contact me if you have a referral. Thank you!

  • Vehicles in Equipment Module

    Setting up new company and in the process of uploading company vehicles and equipment. The company has numerous pieces of construction equipment as well as multiple vehicles. Within the "Equipment Module" is there a method for specifying whether the item…

  • How do you pay your taxes? Cash or Accrual?

    This is our first year in sage, so as we are looking towards tax season we are curious how all of you pay your taxes.    We have traditionally used Cash basis so now feel a little lost not seeing a cash income statement.  So if you pay your taxes in Cash…

  • How to write SQL statement for percentage in subtotal and total rows?

    How to write SQL statement for percentage in subtotal and total rows?

    Getting % on detail rows is no problem, but when trying to get a % on the subtotal or total rows eludes me.

    Any help on this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much!

  • Prepaid Vendor - JC at time of use

    We prepay a material vendor.  The initial invoice to establish the credit on account is charged to a prepaid GL Account.  The Vendor then sends tickets for the materials ordered/used.  We need to job cost these ticket amounts and reduce the prepaid account…

  • Equipment Ownership in Separate Entity

    Is there a best methodology for handling equipment ownership in a separate entity other than the main company? I would like to utilize the "Equipment" tab to track all items related to equipment utilized by the company. However, the actual ownership of…

  • Importing GL Budgets

    Looking for solution to import budgets from excel directly into Sage. Is there a 3rd party app that will assist with this process?

  • Compensatory Time Tracking

    A client would like to track compensatory time by using the Payroll Timesheet entry screen.  Any ideas?

  • Custom Report Additional Fields

    Is it possible to add a field to a report that is not included in the tables offered in "Insert a Field" from the primary table of the report?

    I would like create a report that details GL transactions from all sources, including AP with vendor…

  • bi lingual employment application

    Does anyone have a bi lingual employment application that they are willing to share? We are a union drywall contractor.

  • WIP for Sage 100 Contractor

    Does anyone know of  good articles and information about implementing WIP for Sage 100 Contractor?  The Help guide is very generic and not all that useful.