• Report Design: Report detail area (gray box) ghosting (duplicating itself) in report

    What caused, or how can I prevent, the gray box (report detail area) in the report form from duplicating itself (ghosting), usually in the bottom right side of the report when the report is run. First thought is there is another gray box, even just a…

  • Report Writer decimal points

    If I want to change the number of decimals reported in a calculated field, how would I do that?

  • RE: Expense vs. Budget Reporting: Does anyone have a custom Income Statement Report with SubAccount Detail Actual/ Budget?

    We have found a consultant who specializes in building custom Sage Reports.  We have submitted the request for the report "Income Statement Budget vs Actual with Subaccount Detail."   You can contact me directly for more information.

  • Add Field to Progress Billing Report

    I am trying to add the architect name and address and the job contact name  to the progress billing report and coming up with issues.  I believe these are calculated fields but not sure how to program it.  Can somebody tell me how to add the following?

  • Use of SQL in Sage 100 Contractor Report Writer

    Can anyone tell me how to create a calculated field that has a SQL statement bringing in data from an unrelated table?  I've looked at fields on other reports that I think are doing approximately the same thing but when I modify the SQL statement I keep…