• Entering a job deposit/retainer

    I'd love to hear how others enter job deposits?  We use Progress billing as well as Time & Material billing as the Invoice Detail for each Progress Invoice.


  • credit card details load into the GL

    new to Sage 100 C. What is the best way to enter CC transaction details into AP? Create CC setup (for each user) and then enter a payable for each transaction with a payment method of CC? You then reconcile the CC statement and select to pay the CC? Or…

  • How do you handle AR deposits?

    We require a 40% deposit prior to fabricating our product.  What is the best method of recording the deposit and also showing this deposit on the future invoices as a pre-payment?  Revenue and Expenses are recorded using the Completed Contracts Method.  

  • Removing or Decreasing A/R Invoice


    I am new to Sage and have found that you can not do a JE to reduce an A/R invoice attached to a job.  My client received payment for a particular invoice long ago yet it still shows in A/R so how would I remove that invoice without voiding it?  Cash…

  • AR Invoice List Report

    I am trying to get the description from progress billing to the AR Invoice List report but the calculated fields I have either do not work or just say "Progress Billing #...". How do I write a calculation to get the description/descriptions I used from…

  • Customer Aging Reports

    Currently Sage 100 Contractor does not offer a customer aging that combines job and service receivables. Has anyone had success at creating a report to accomplish this?