• Proposals with descriptions?

    I'm new to Sage 100.  I created a takeoff and converted to a proposal to present to client but since the costs can only transfer by cost codes or bid items, the proposal does not show a description for each line item.  For example, 1 cost code can be…

  • AR Invoice List Report

    I am trying to get the description from progress billing to the AR Invoice List report but the calculated fields I have either do not work or just say "Progress Billing #...". How do I write a calculation to get the description/descriptions I used from…

  • Sage 100 contractor migration

    I want to migrate my existing sage 100 contractor 2014 v19.7 from windows server 2008 R2 to windows server 2012 R2 standard. Is there some step by step documentation available and any compatibility issue.

    Help is much appreciated


  • Customer Aging Reports

    Currently Sage 100 Contractor does not offer a customer aging that combines job and service receivables. Has anyone had success at creating a report to accomplish this? 

  • Importing Data

    Is there anyway to import anything into Sage 100 Contractor?  Certainly there is some mechanism for migrating data from QuickBooks or Excel to Sage 100... right? 

  • Labor Contractor Tracking

    Looking for suggestions on tracking labor contractor employee time daily by job/by cost code. Would like this information to flow through the payroll module but unable to pay vendors through that module. Curious how other companies track this data?