• Report Writer decimal points

    If I want to change the number of decimals reported in a calculated field, how would I do that?

  • Progress Bills with Vendor Names

    I sent the following email to a custom Sage report writer:

    Our Progress Bill is currently set to add all costs for a given Cost Code to the same line item. This happens even when multiple vendors have costs included in that one Cost Code. The title company…

  • AR Invoice List Report

    I am trying to get the description from progress billing to the AR Invoice List report but the calculated fields I have either do not work or just say "Progress Billing #...". How do I write a calculation to get the description/descriptions I used from…

  • Customer Aging Reports

    Currently Sage 100 Contractor does not offer a customer aging that combines job and service receivables. Has anyone had success at creating a report to accomplish this? 

  • RE: Expense vs. Budget Reporting: Does anyone have a custom Income Statement Report with SubAccount Detail Actual/ Budget?

    We have found a consultant who specializes in building custom Sage Reports.  We have submitted the request for the report "Income Statement Budget vs Actual with Subaccount Detail."   You can contact me directly for more information.