Sage Estimating: Fix available for versions 19.12 and 20.1


When you import multiple estimates into Sage Estimating (SQL) versions 19.11, 19.12 and 20.1 from a bulk export created in a version earlier than your current version, the imported estimates contain incorrect information. For example, Estimate 1 has items from Estimate 2, and vice versa.


If your version is 19.12 or 20.1, follow the Resolution steps in Sage Knowledgebase article 105869 to download the update and correct your estimates.

If your version is 19.11 or earlier and are not ready to upgrade and install the update, OR if you are on version 19.12 or 20.1 and are not ready to install the update, follow the Workaround steps in Sage Knowledgebase article 105869.

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