• W-2 Box 14 for COVID pay

    We have 5 different pays set up for COVID pay based on the type.  How can I combine all into one line on box 14?

  • AatrixForms.exe

    Has anyone experienced an issue with AatrixForms.exe "dropping"?  I issued one set of 1099's and when I tried to issue the second set I received a message that AatrixForms.exe forms was no longer found. 

  • W-2

    How do i enter multiple codes and amounts in box 12 on the W-2? i only have the option to select the pull down and pick one code, i can't figure out how to enter amounts and codes in 12a., 12b., 12c., etc.

  • 1099

    Why don't i have an option to process 1099's in the Aatrix federal fiing system?

  • 1099

    When I ran the 1099 preparation report by fiscal entity, there are a handful of vendors that report 2021 amounts but they are 2020 amounts.  I look in the vendor setup and it says "this year" with the amount but when I run a payment by vendor for 2021…

  • 1099-NEC Recipient Copies

    I'm having problems printing the recipient copies of the 1099-NEC.  Last year, the report printed 4-up on a blank form with each box having the same recipient information.  The form was put back through the printer to then printed the instructions on…

  • WA State LTC (WA Cares) No Tax vs. Exempt

    WA State LTC (WA Cares) tax for 2022 - within the employee record / taxes for who provided letter as exempt, should we mark employee as "no tax" or "exempt"?   We aren't clear what Tax Information would or would not appear on the W-2…

  • Printing W-3 2021

    This may have been asked and answered previously but I could not find the answer.  I am completing W-2's for 2021 and have printed the W-3.  When I ordered my forms, I received a blank RED W-3.  Is there a way to print the W-3 on the preprinted Red Form…

  • Preview W2's

    Is there a way to preview what W2's will look like before doing the actaul W2 process?  At this point someone at Sage helps me run them as I haven't learned the process yet.  Would like to be able to at least preview the numbers so I know we're…

  • W-2 reporting requirement for paid leave under FFCRA in Box 14?

    The paid leave provided to employees under the FFCRA - W-2 reporting now states you must break out the amount paid to employees for 1st Q 21 and then 2nd &3rd Q 21 with a long statement.   Will Sage have that built into the Box 14 formats in the year…

  • Payroll Taxes

    when i run my deposit summary for the quarter, and i run the state efile report my totals match. we use aatrix to submit our taxes and when doing so i get a rejection notice saying my payment will be different. up on investigation i found the excess wages…

  • W2 Electronic Filing Requirement

    Will Sage or Aatrix be providing the ability to generate W2s in the IRS approved EFW2 format that may be uploaded to SSA for free or will be forced to pay for the electronic filing services through Aatrix?  The requirement goes into effect 1/31/22 for…

  • Rev June 2021 Form 941

    When will the Rev June 2021 Form 941 be available in Aatrix?

  • Is there a report I can run that shows state or federal payroll tax liability by Check date (that reconciles to the 941 or DE 9 Liability amount?)

    I realize that my Schedule B report for Federal quarterly payroll tax returns shows the federal liability by payroll date.

    Is there something similiar for State payroll tax liability that reconciles to the total liability on the DE9?

  • Information of getting information

    I need a report that contains how much I paid to a vendor in a period of time filtered in Vendor tab T5018 Settings" by the fields (1) "Recipient Accnt Number", (2) "Social Insurance Number" and (3) Recipient Type.   This is information…

  • Anyone have an idea why the gross on the final paycheck stubs does not match the gross earnings on the W2's?

    None of the employee paycheck stubs YTD gross match their gross earnings on their W2's. This includes employees hired during the 2020 year so it can not be a carryover from last year.  Does anyone have any idea why?

  • 1099 Tax Prep Balances

    Where exactly do I edit a 2020 1099 misc. amount paid to a vendor, if it needs to be changed?


  • 1099-NEC

    Does anyone know how to get the state tax id in the form?  It is asking us to put something in from a pull down menu for tax and we don't withhold

    tax on subcontractors.  

  • COVID 941 4th Qtr

    We have been trying to do the 4th Qtr 941 and ran into a snag..Has anyone had to report COVID pay and only done step 2?

  • Bonuses (stock)

    We had gave a bonus to 2 of our guys in shares of the company. I need to run it through payroll for 2020 but have already closed the year and updated the taxes. Is there a way to make a "test" company with the abckup I made at the end of 2020 and do a…

  • Amended W-2

    Is there a way to do an amended W-2 in sage through aatrix?

  • 1099 Select the States you wish to file

    We are an Ohio Contractor with the bulk of our 1099's going to Ohio Vendors.  There are a few vendors from other states.  When I get to the "select the states you wish to file", only MI, NC and MO appear here.  Is this because these are the…

  • 1099 Prep Report

    The 1099 Prep Report shows my vendors that need 1099's but when I go to process 1099's it only prints the 1 vendor that is receiving attorney compensation - the other 1099's don't report even though there are 2020 totals. Help?

  • 1099

    we are currently on version 18.4.1.  when trying to process 1099's, I don't see the option for 1099-NEW, just 1099-MISC.  do we need to install an upgrade for this?

  • 1099 Preparer

    Has anyone else received a warning message when preparing 1099's using Aatrix requiring you enter a State Account Number for a North Carolina vendor? We are a New York Company preparing our 1099's and do not conduct any business in NC. One of our vendors…