the JC CASH FLOW VARIANCE REPORT is very helpful to me, It's part of the efficient report of overseeing all the running projects. however, I've not been able to figure out how DOLLARS PAID is formulated. why is the figure always higher the YTD COST on…

  • State Tax Status List

    Hello and my apologies is this has already been asked and answered or there is a resource I am not finding somewhere....

    Can not open the RPT for tax update either, but do not think that will answer the question I have.

    Here is issue, For the State Tax…

  • Sage 300 CRE - Inventory Module Feedback

    Hello everyone,

    We are a currently using an external software for our inventory needs and we are looking into Sage's Inventory module since it talks to other modules. 

    Is there anyone that is currently using the inventory module? Please share with…

  • Help with formula for deduction of dues

    The dues have changed, it used to be 4% of gross wages + .05 per hour.

    It is now 3.65% of: straight time hourly, total package multiplied by the number of all hours worked.

    Inclusive of:

    hourly wages (including overtime)

    Health & Welfare


  • Max date formula for Report Designer

    AMAX does not work with Dates - I tested it.  I don't use RD much anymore - do mostly crystal.

    any help would be great.  or an example 

  • Void unassigned check Sage 300 CRE - AP

    Does anyone know if there is a way(in Sage 300 CRE US)  to void checks that have been unassigned and damaged?

  • JC summary showing a difference in GL vs JC- how do I find out where the mistake is?


    I recently ran my JC summary reconciliation report and have a difference of $900 in my GL that is not showing up in my JC on the subcontractor line of the report.

    What reports do i run to narrow down where the mistake is at? Looks like it was coded…

  • Our VA SUI tax rate just change after we have run 3 payrolls. Can I update the tax rate and then run payroll - recalculate subject to for this change?

    We have 5 different pays set up for COVID pay based on the type.  How can I combine all into one line on box 14?

  • Timberscan Capture vs. Sage Paperless Construction OCR

    We have been using Sage Paperless for the past 5 years and it has done everything we needed it to so far. It cut down our initial AP process from 22 working days start to finish to about 10. However, we have transitioned to 1 person in accounting vs. 3…

  • "License will expire in 60 days since all attempts to contact Sage have failed"

    Noticed that this happened a year ago and today I have recieced the same error.  I looked up the fix KB92581, but cannot locate it.  Can someone please reach out to me for assistance.  Thanks...Donna

  • Job Cost Report

    Is there a more expansive job cost report that will show each individual entry under all cost codes?

  • Sage 300 CRE JDBC connection via Pervasive

    I am trying to connect to Sage 300 CRE via JDBC.

    I understand that Sage is built on pervasive and I am able to connect to the default pervasive database called demodata and read tables.

    i am looking for guide to read Sage specific tables using this pervasive…

  • Automating Timesheets?

    Hi all. I am new to the group. Looking for some advice on automating timesheets. Currently, we have paper forms and manually add job numbers and cost codes into the PR module. This is not a good use of time from the collection of timesheets, reviewing…

  • Can I import a check register from a csv. or txt. file?

    I have a new division that operates another software program for their inventory. I can export the checks issued in csv or txt file. Is there a was that I can take their completed check register and import that information into Sage CRE 300? I only see…

  • Billing: Selective Line Item

    I made a mistake coding an item and billed the wrong job. I moved the item in AP and on only want to bill for the item to show only this item that it had been moved. What would be the easiest and cleanest way to create and bill for this? I tried to go…

  • Payroll

    We would like to try and simplify our employee setup.  When setting up an employee there are several fields in the setup General, Pays, & Fringe that is the same for all employees does anyone have an idea besides the prefill to help add these items quickly…

  • 1099-NEC status

    Does anyone know the status of the new 1099-NEC changes? Will it just involve Aatrix or will it involve AP files? If so will it be in the year end release or before as a patch?

  • Limit access to GL accounts in SAGE 300 CRE for specific users?

    Hi Everyone

    Is there a way to limit the GL accounts that a user can access and interrogate in SAGE 300CRE - similar to SAGE 300C >>> GL Security?



  • Sage 300 CRE and sql installation


    My company is using Sage 300 CRE. 

    I just wondering how should I install SQL into 300 CRE? I googled a lot online and I did not find exact step of how to insatll sql into sage 300CRE. Could anyone teach me how can I add or install or connect SQL into…

  • Custom Crystal Report printing differently

    We use a custom crystal report for our AIA type billing. Previously the items in the ITEM NO. column printed in the order that they appear in the Contract (which is correct). Recently certain items are printing seemingly randomly out of order. We did…

  • MTD totals are not printing on my financial statement

    My MTD totals are not printing on my financial statement.  The totals did print last month and I have not made any changes to this report.  I have been using this report for about 8 years.  

    When I open the report in Financial Statement Designer, the accounts…

  • Receipt Adjustments impacting GL. HELP

    GL overvalued vs physical inventory at year end. I believe it's being caused by a lot of Receipt Adjustments that don't have a location showing in them. Is anyone else having/had this problem? What causes Receipt Adjustments and why do they overvalue…

  • Reversal Process for G/L Posted Import Transaction

    How to do a reversal entries in  Sage 300 Real Estate & Construction to clear the posted G/L entries. What happen was, I imported my report in GL then I realized I made a mistake. After correcting my mistake, I re-import my report again using the original…

  • DM Drop Down Boxes

    Hello All,

    I am in the process of trying to get a standalone copy of DM running with our old data.  I have had a few road blocks but have been able to get it to the point where i can see some data but the drop down boxes in the queries are mostly not…

  • Federal Withholding not calculating correctly for those who have dependents on line 3 of the new W4

    I am comparing SAGE calculations along with the excel calculator the IRS put out in publication 15.  The only  one that does not calculate correctly is the employee claiming dependents.