• Davis Bacon wage survey report

    I am looking for a job cost/payroll report that will show the the peak weeks worked on any project by trade or department that can be run by period end dates/specific timeframe.  Anyone know of a report that will accommodate this?

  • Report Designer - NEWDATE to generate LM(Last Month) and MTD(Month to Date)

    I am really stuck, have spent too much time spinning my wheels on this.   I have created a new report with values coming from Job cost, Contracts, Billings etc all coming from transactions using Accounting Dates.   I am using a Prompt so I have a "Cut-off…

  • Field for Unbilled vs Billed WIP on Report?

    I am creating a report in Report Designer to show all billable entries against a job.  The report pulls from the Billing WIP tables - both Billed and Unbilled.  Is there a way to mark each row to show which have come from which table?  I'm searching for…

  • AP Historical Aging

    Does anyone have an AP historical aging report they would be willing to share?  Either in report designer or office connector.

    Thanks in advance,


  • Report Designer

    i am having some issues with a custom report that i have created in Report Designer. I have created a formula to sum JC data for all building activity and it is returning some weird values on some of our job costs. it seems like it is not recognizing…

  • Page Count on Print Preview No Longer Available in 13.1

    In prior versions of Sage Construction & Real Estate whenever we did a print preview of a report it would give us a total page count so you knew as a user whether you wanted to printout that report or look at it electronically because it was 25 pages…

  • What is Sage MyAssistant and why is it important?

    What is Sage MyAssistant and why is it important?

    MyAssistant is a proactive reporting tool that is integrated with Sage 300 CRE (Timberline Office). Its main purpose is to actively search the database for specific circumstances based on your custom requirements…