• Need to modify the company name for the NACHA file

    We are changing banks and in my ACH file where it puts the company name from the company set up needs to be modified. The Sage work around is having one data folder to generate directdeposits to create the NACHA file with the company name like what the…

  • SM message - "One or more daily processes have not yet been performed. Would you like to run them now?

    Why does the dialogue box appear when opening SM that says "One or more daily processes have not  yet been performed.  Would you like to run them now?  What is it used for and can we deactivate it?

  • Help with formula for deduction of dues

    The dues have changed, it used to be 4% of gross wages + .05 per hour.

    It is now 3.65% of: straight time hourly, total package multiplied by the number of all hours worked.

    Inclusive of:

    hourly wages (including overtime)

    Health & Welfare


  • Indirect Allocations

    Another indirect allocation question.  We have always allocated based on a percentage of direct labor. This has worked great in the past as a subcontractor. The system does this automatically adding the set percentage to the direct labor hours worked. 


    We have been purchasing materials in advance of jobs and coding to inventory and paying. I am wondering how to move it out of inventory to the job after the month is closed that they were paid in? Is this something that can be done in job cost? or a journal…

  • Auto Reversing Journal Entries

    Has anyone used this feature? I'd like to be able to set up my payroll accrual journal entries to auto reverse the following month. I read the articles but am confused about setting up the journal first...

  • ACH Payments and lien waivers

    What process do you use for lien waivers when you are issuing an ACH payment?   Will the system email the lien waiver also?   We hold checks until the signed lien waiver comes back but are switching over to ACH and was wondering what other companies do

  • Apply payment to job from a different customer

    We had a job with ABC Company and the costs on the job went over the contract amount by $50,000.  We had purchased scaffolding for the job and we were able to sell the scaffolding to XYZ Subcontractor, for the same amount ($50,000).  Is it possible to apply…

  • Void unassigned check Sage 300 CRE - AP

    Does anyone know if there is a way(in Sage 300 CRE US)  to void checks that have been unassigned and damaged?

  • New state for this employee

    The system log has just recently began listing "new state for this employee" even though the box is checked on the employee setup "the federal status and personal exemptions will be use to calculate state taxes".  Has anyone encountered…

  • Edit 'Enter Cash Receipts' entry in Job Cost

    I need to change the accounting date of a Cash Receipt Entry in Job Cost in order for my bank rec to balance. How do I do this?

    thank you!!!

  • AP Generate Electronic Payments

    Has anyone had an invoice get paid twice using AP Generate Electronic Payment?  I paid an invoice February 28th.  after that date, a change was made to the distributions the way Sage taught me.  Reversed prior distribution entry completelety and entered new…

  • Journal entries - move cost

    I have payments issued and reflected as direct cost via ERP to Procore that should have been attached to a contract (committed cost)

    is there a journal entry that can be done to correct this?

  • Remove a Cash Management Transaction

    I need to remove a cash management transaction without effecting General Ledger.  Is there a way to do this?

  • Cash Management Register's Posted & Reconciled, But General Ledger didn't catch transaction.

    I have Cash Management register (CM) matching the bank account. The General ledger (GL) didn't pick up this transaction. CM is reconciled.

    how would I add this to GL and keep everything balanced? last time this happened, I had to do a funky chicken…

  • Can you edit an extra code once it has been set up?

    We have a team member that set up non standard extras: 

    Example 2.4, 3.5, 3.6 etc.  Can the numbers be changed without disrupting anything else?  I am guessing they can't but wanted to reach out.  

  • Employer Medicare Withholding not calculating for a new employee

    Employer Medicare Withholding not calculating for a new employee.  All other calculations are correct.  Was told this would self correct the next pay period but it is still zero.

  • Payroll

    Can I move payroll hours 2021 from one job to another without causing an issue?  It will not affect the GL.  I am just moving hours and all costs associated

    from one to another for it to show up correctly in the jobs.

    Example:  21-012 Verizon to 21-014 Verizon…

  • Should a CD be set up as a bank account?

    I'm not sure how Sage 300 handles CD's (Certificate of Deposit). Should I set up a bank account for it? Or just enter the interest earned on it with a gl entry?

  • I can log into the sagecity on a web browser, but receive this: Desktop Home Page: Error 1020 Access Denied. www.SageCity.com

    This error shows when I log into Sage via our cloud based Swizznet server and is one of the tabs that appear.

    Access was denied Error code 1020

    You do not have access to www.sagecity.com.

    The site owner may have set restrictions that prevent you from accessing…

  • Setting up a state tax deduction to always calculate

    I have an employee that is a resident of New York but is traveling and working in several states based on project location.  He is requesting that we always withhold a flat amount for NY state withholdings regardless of where he works.  What is the best…

  • Reversing a miscellaneous cash receipt not linked to a customer ID ( Accounts Receivable)

    Good afternoon,

    Just wondering if there is a way to reversed a miscellaneous cash receipt not linked to a customer ID.

     I was trying to be clever : )

  • Move Payroll between states

    I have some taxable wages along with the SWH that got put to the wrong state,  i do not have the option of voiding the direct deposits.  how can i mvre the taxable wages and apply the SWH collected to the correct state?

  • MyAssistant fails to send remittances for electronic payments


    The A/P department has informed me the remittances for electronic payments have not been sent in a couple of weeks (there's a task to run each week for it).

    So far, I've tried/found the following:

    1.  verified that the sending email address…

  • 3rd Party Sick Pay

    An employee is on Long-term Disability where the Third Party pays the employer and employee taxes with the exception of SUTA and FUTA.  They also issue a W-2 to the employee.  I need to process their 3rd party sick pay through the system to pay the FUTA…