• Why is the Next button grayed out in File Tools?

    I am following the instructions for option II in KB 19543 for How to Archive the Log Viewer.  I have done this last June using this method of moving the QLM file and it worked quite well.  However now when I go to do it it gets to the validation summary…

  • getting this error in AR Cover Invoice

  • Payables

    Being in the Accounts Payables business for over 20 years, having used at least 4 different types of software, there are so many things I notice are either not doable or take a zillion steps to get to the end result. A/P is universal in application or how…

  • "License will expire in 60 days since all attempts to contact Sage have failed"

    Noticed that this happened a year ago and today I have recieced the same error.  I looked up the fix KB92581, but cannot locate it.  Can someone please reach out to me for assistance.  Thanks...Donna

  • Close month in job cost

    For the last 4-5 months, I have been unable to close the month in jobcost without restarting the Sage server.  I can close the general ledger without any issues.  I get the error that the job cost master is in use, but no other user is logged in when I…

  • Warning Message : License will Expire in 60 Days


    I am receiving a message that my license will expire in 60 days. We paid for our license renewal back in June. Can someone verify that we are good to go and can ignore this message?


  • MyAssistant Skipping Email Recipients Randomly When Emailing Reports

    Hi Everyone,

    I have tried several times with Sage, the creators of MyAssistant and our IT Company to figure out why MYA skips random email addresses each month on monthly emailed reports. 95% of my recipients receive their emailed reports successfully…

  • Sage Windows Popping Up Off Screen

    I am having an issue with Sage windows popping up off screen.  For instance, when I go into Service Management to edit time entries...the box that normally pops up to edit those entries is popping up somewhere off screen....so I can not see it, move, minimize…

  • Generating the WIP

    Trying to get an idea of if what we are experiencing is normal.....Generating the WIP can take upwards of 10-15 minutes each time we do it. Is that what other companies are experiencing as well? Please let me know!!



  • What would you recommend re: bringing Sage server in house?

    I am contemplating bringing our Sage server in house. We had initially used Sage for our accounting AND project management, hence using a cloud server provider, but have since implemented ProCore for our PM. A cloud server made sense when I had a larger…

  • Sage.cre.coreproxy has stopped working


    While running a WC report I got this error "Sage.CRE.CoreProxy has stopped working" .  I am on version 20.4.1. 

    Can anyone tell me what is error is and how to stop it.  Once I receive this error, Sage think the WC window is open and will…

  • Errors in Billing

    Are there any known bugs with the Billing application (version 20.3.1)?  We have two people doing Contract-based billing each month and we have had a few times where we get a "fatal error" or an invoice posts that is the incorrect invoice... or a selected…

  • License Expire

    I have been getting a warning that "license will expire in 60 days since all recent attempts to contact Sage have failed.  Please click Update in License Administrator to fix the issue."   Can someone help me with this?

  • Best-Fit Feature in PM

    Best-Fit feature stopped working in PM for leases.  I am not sure what happened and how to fix it.  I have a ticket open with Sage support regarding this.  Any ideas?

  • Approve invoices Causes Paperless Construction to Crash

    I have a user attempting to approve invoices in Paperless Construction.  When he approves one invoice, the application immediately crashes with no error message.  Interestingly, if all of the Windows from Sage are on the same screen, the user can approve…

  • Sage Super Slow?

    Has anyone else been having issues with Sage performing in super SLOW speed?  Running reports, data entry, task drop down menu's showing up.....?  We have multiple users in our company that are complaining about this and we have heard of another company…

  • Property Management

    Any one using Property Management Module?  We are on Sage 300 CRE, I would like to to how you like it and does it work well for you.

    Thank you.

  • Setting alerts for myself to receive when others approve invoices I have routed to them

    I am able to receive an email alert right away when I approve my own invoice. (I tried it on myself ) However, when I route an invoice to another reviewer and request an alert, I never receive it. I have contacted SAGE Paperless Help and then was escalated…

  • Malware Protection

    I was wondering if anyone has any experience with using Malwarebytes on Sage 300 workstations.  We currently use the Microsoft Windows Security and it does not interfere or slow down Sage, but I would like to add another layer of protection. 


  • Client connection problems after Sage server restarts

    We're experiencing an issue with users who are logged into Windows during a Sage server restart.  Whether the user has Sage 300 open or not, the Actian service begins using more CPU usage and the user is unable to connect to the Sage server until he…

  • AP crashes large group of change invoices


    I have an end user that reclassed about 50 invoices that were coded incorrectly.  The AP > Change Invoices allowed him to make the change, however AP crashed when he posted the changes.  I didn't get an error code, but I'd like to know best practices…

  • Anyone having issues with Job Cost entries? When I review my direct cost lines, they keep duplicating and erasing.

    For instance, I'll enter 4 lines and scroll through to review.  As I go, it duplicates prior lines and will add them to the bottom of the sheet.

  • warning - Sage 300 CRE

    Is anyone else having this issue? 

    We keep getting this warning message pop up on our screen:

    "License will expire in 4 days since all recent attempts to contact Sage hae failed."

    I called Sage and they said not to worry about it but it's annoying…

  • Why is Sage Customer Support so Awful?

    I've spent my entire morning trying to get a response to a 2021 issue with the new tax update resolved.  In the middle of processing a payroll.  I'm now on round 2 of "we will have to call you back" with the warning "we will only try once so stay by…

  • Tasks Opening Off Screen

    When I try to open certain tasks in Sage 300 - they open but are not visible on my computer monitors. I have been able to open the application itself and then open the task and it would be fine.  This morning when I tried to login to Sage remotely and…