• Flat Rate Pricing

    We use Proft Rhino/Callahan Roach for our pricing and everytime we do an update it just creates a new version in the flat rate in the service managment module. Is there a way to delete all the unwanted entries in the flate rate?
  • Inventory Help

    I need help. Can you explain why an inventory item shows a qty on hand, but does not show that same qty on hand in any inventory location?
  • Zero checks - how to clear

    I have retainage owed to a subcontractor, and now given a backcharge against their contract, which zero's out what I would have paid them in retainage. How do I make it disapear from the payment selection. I've tried to print a zero $ check, but Sage…
  • How to post payments short by pennies to a few dollars in the Enter Cash receipts window.

    When we receive a payment from a customer that is pennies or a few dollars short I want to post this to a catch all GL account. I put overpayments of pennie/dollars in this account when entering Cash Receipts, but I can't enter negative amounts. I really…
  • Credit Invoice

    How do I create a credit invoice for a vendor to use on a bill at a later time?
  • AP - how to remove invoices with $0 distribution?

    In Accounts Payable How to I remove $0 distribution in invoices? These invoices shows up in "invoices to pay"
  • Changing company name that appears on checks in a shared data folder

    How do I correct a misspelling of our company name that appears on our checks in Accounts Payble in a shared data folder.
  • Voluntary Term Life premium

    We offer optional life insurance on a payroll deduct, post tax. Tax withheld then premium taken. We learned an employee was paying a premium on a policy that wasn't active. We no longer use that company (sine 7/1/22) we are giving those premiums back…
  • Can I move costs from a job to an overhead account?

    We had costs posted to a project that should have gone to an overhead GL account. How do I move them off the job and post in the correct GL?
  • Changing contract items

    I just noticed that when i set up the AIA contract items I accidently entered lump sums instead of putting the units and unit prices. I already approved the contract. I unapproved the contract items because I thought I would be able to add the units and…
  • Bill Credit for AR Retention

    We have a job that I need to do a bill credit to the retention. This isn't a write off. We elected not to bill the owner for the remaining outstanding retention. I searched and read that Sage doesn't offer the ability to do a bill credit to retention…
  • Why did the percent complete change on my invoice?

    Why did the percent complete change on my invoice in billing after I voided the original invoice and tried to create it again? An contract based invoice was generated in Billing and it was incorrect. I voided he invoice but when I went to generate a new…
  • AR Refund

    We have a customer that we received a deposit payment on a project 2 years ago. They have since shrunk the project and we cut them a check to refund them a majority of their monies. How do I adjust this in JC/AR/Cash management. My thoughts are we…
  • How to fix retainage after printing a partial check?

    When cutting a partial check for a commitment, it always messes with the retainange, leaving some of it in the Outstanding AP column and it should be in the retainage column. There are very few options to correct the retainage when cutting the check.…
  • Can I make adjusting entries after closing the period?

    I need to close December to start working on January, but our tax dept is going to have adjusting entries that I will need to post in December.
  • Profit Reduction on Job

    We have a job that all billings have gone out and retention paid. There is a check that needs to be issued back to the owner to reduce the profit on the job. Would we just enter a check back to the owner in AP to offset revenue?
  • UPdate SUI for first payroll.

    Illinois just released the 2023 SUI limits and rates. We already did our first payroll using last years limits and rates. Limits and rates will now be updated in Sage. What needs to be done, if anything, with this weeks payroll so that the reports will…
  • Can I correct a paycheck from 2022 after closing the year?

    Simple IRA deduction is over the allowed amount by $200 for the last paycheck of 2022. I've already closed the year. How can I correct this?
  • Marking Invoices with a Negative Net as Paid

    We have a sitution where the total we owe a Vendor is a negative amount.(The net of some positive invoices and a large credit invoice) The vendor issues us a credit check for the total. But I cannot apply that check to those invoices. So now the invoices…
  • can you apply a commitment in AP after an invoice has been paid

    Can you or how do you apply a commitment to an invoice after it has been paid
  • AR credit memo for returned merchandise

    I have a customer who has already paid an invoice in full but now is returning some of the merchandise and would like a credit for the return. we will also be charging a 20% restocking fee for this inventory items they are returning. Any suggestions on…
  • Withholding by in error

    I am an Ohio contractor with many city income taxes. We started a job which we thought was in a city. After one month, and 2 payrolls with that city's withholding, we verified that the job site is in a township. No city income tax. What process should…
  • Creating Deposit for Bank Account Funding

    Organizational structure consists of two companies, Company #1 and Company #2. Last year we switched bank accounts from Bank #1 to Bank #2 for our Checking and Health Reimbursement Accounts. Company #1 did not have any remaining checks for the old bank…
  • Is there a way to delete the estimate entries entered through job central?

    Is there a way to delete the estimate entries entered through job central?
  • Outstanding Deposits and Withdrawals

    On my Bank Rec Report, I have a few items under Outstanding Deposits and Withdrawls from years ago. They go back as far as 2002. My accountant is wondering if we can't clear those out somehow. Wondering how I might do this? I saw the article about making…