• Error Message

    We keep getting a message that states "possible relationship inconsistency.  "An application shut down expectedly", etc.  You may need to enter some transactions.  Does anyone know what this would be about?

  • Payables

    Being in the Accounts Payables business for over 20 years, having used at least 4 different types of software, there are so many things I notice are either not doable or take a zillion steps to get to the end result. A/P is universal in application or how…

  • Sage TL Licenses Renewal

    Dear Team ,

    Can we renew our Sage licenses directly through Sage customer portal without using a reseller ?. We are located in Bahrain and we wish to renew licenses directly from Sage . Would there be any problem in renewing directly ? In future if support…

  • How to apply cash on account to accounts payable invoice

    We have a separate GL set up for cash on account (it's not related to any specific customer, it's just a generic GL) that our cash applications people put funds to when they can't find an invoice to apply it to. If an invoice exists (but they…

  • VAT recording

    Dear Team,

    We have noticed a strange issue in treatment of VAT. The VAT is calculated in AP correctly and reflected in VAT report as well. However, while posting in GL it has been split into two base accounts named 1601 and 1690. Below is an example demonstrated…

  • PR related amounts in GL is described as PR Post checks summary.

    Dear team,

      When ever we review the amounts in GL , check amounts from PR is showing as PR Post checks summary irrespective of the original PR summary contains breakage pay roll to Salary, other allowances ,deductions , fringes and so on. Could you please…

  • Cheque printer changed. How to migrate the old printer configuration to new one?

    Dear team,

     We are recently change the printer for printing cheques to a latest printer .

    We were using HP Laser jet P1102 and we purchased a new Laser jet 107 W .

    But when we print the cheque , each time i have to edit the report according to values in…

  • 1099 Reporting issues

    When I get to the vendor selection process it does not allow me to select the vendors I want. There is no checkbox like the Year-End guide shows below.

    I have selected 2020 as the year, but on my screen the "Select" row are empty and do not have a check…

  • WIP

    Does anyone have a sage 300 construction WIP that breaks out current fiscal year?

  • One of our customers owes us 10 cents. How do I get it off of our books?

    We sent a billing out for 1,290.10 well they only paid $1,290.00. Their  system rounds as to mine does not.... How can i get that $0.10 off my books???

  • Outsource invoice processing

    We are considering outsourcing our invoice processing and payments.  We are looking for a third party to scan, kick off workflows and pay the invoices, not invoice/payment automation.  We would need to integrate the third party processor with Sage 300 CRE…

  • Part time Sage 300 CRE help needed in Ephrata, PA

    We are a home builder in Ephrata, PA looking for someone part-time with Sage 300 CRE experience to assist with daily accounting functions.  If you know someone or are interested, please email [email protected]

  • Sales Tax Liability-after the fact

    Is there a way to create a sales tax liability after the fact?

    We have a vendor that we have made progress payments to and still owe some money to. It is an out of state (out of country actually) vendor who did not include state sales tax in their proposal…

  • Job Cost Accounting & Closing Cancelled Contracts

    Hello World!

    We are a mid-sized business and are using Sage 300 CRE 17.1 rev. 7.

    In the contracts module, how do I close out a contract when the contract is cancelled and we have already posted the necessary refunds to the contract?  We're of course not…

  • Close period end date is wrong in Property Management

    I am trying to close the period for November but it is attempting to close the year. It appears that the close period end dates are a month forward, so it thinks the period end date is 12/31/18 instead of 11/30/18. How can I correct this? I am using Property…

  • Amount Invoiced vs Amount Paid

    Why would my amount paid not match my amount invoiced on a committment report when I went back and changed the invoice to be linked to the proper commitment?

  • Timberline software transfer to new server

    We use Timberline. We are updating to new server - How do I transfer the software? About 4 years ago downsized our company considerably and semi retired. We no longer require nor purchase the updates but still use the accounting modules.

  • Accounting Manager Job Posting

  • Davis Bacon wage survey report

    I am looking for a job cost/payroll report that will show the the peak weeks worked on any project by trade or department that can be run by period end dates/specific timeframe.  Anyone know of a report that will accommodate this?

  • Sample Data


    I am trying to add the sample accounting data to my company list but I keep getting an error that says a company with that name already exists even though I can't see it.  Can someone shed some light on what I am doing wrong?



  • Why can't I open company files after updating to 17.1

    After successfully upgrading sage 300 to 17.1 on a server, I go through the process of  updating the company files from 15.1 without any issues. I can open all files except the main file and I get an error saying that " upgrade cannot continue due to consistency…

  • Using Retainage in Job Cost

    Hi all,

    I have a brief question regarding Job Cost Module>commitments. In this section there is an area to put a retainage amount. I want to be able to see this percent difference on my reports. Is there an option or special function needed to be added…

  • Sage Accounting for Construction and Real Estate v17 r3 for new server or stick with v16 r6 (pros/cons/maturity)?

    Have server with v16.1 Rev 6.  Installing dedicated application server. Deciding if v17 Rev 3 is mature enough to install on new server and migrate client stations or now.

  • having trouble invoicing a contract that is based in the sm module

    The contract in question expired on 2016/09/30 and still shows as active in SM.
    When I try to invoice, I can only invoice as an adjustment, not as a contracts invoice.

    Since the contract is not expired, I can not renew it.

    Any idea on how I could change…

  • Migrate Address book from Accounting to Estimating

    The company I consult for no longer uses Accounting and only uses Estimating. Is there a way to migrate the accounting Address book to an Estimating address book only so that we don't have to install an accounting client on each machine?