• Microsoft Access closes when I try to delete data in a field and refresh. How can I delete the data?

    When I delete data in a field in Microsoft Access and refresh, the application closes. It only happens with the one specific field "Vendor_Custom_Fields_Nots" from the APM_MASTER_VENDOR_CUSTOM_FIELDS table. I accidentally entered data in a field and now…

  • Sage 300 CRE - COST CODE ISSUE/ERROR - Cost Code Not Allowed to be set up or used for a project.

    I have 2 Cost Codes that have randomly stopped working for 2 users. I am the Admin and it won't let me use them for 1 specific job only. The other 2 users is for any project.  

    Won't allow them to be used when entering a Change Order Request in Project…

  • Company Folders Blank in a new installation


    One of our workstations crashed and we have currently installed 20.5 version of Sage 300 CRE (there are no other versions on this workstation). The server is also on 20.5 which we upgraded from 18.4 to 20.5 

    In the workstation, the install completed…

  • AR Collections

    What do you use to keep notes from collections on?  Is there anything in Sage to use?

  • *****San Francisco Full Charge, part time, Property Accountant position available. GL CM AP PM PR FSDs for SAGE 300 CRE

    San Francisco Full Charge, part time, Property Accountant position available.  GL CM AP PM PR FSDs for SAGE 300 CRE.  Beautiful, light filled office!  Onsite position.   Please contact for more detailed description or inquiries:  Lynda Farmer, 415-279-9122…


    We have been purchasing materials in advance of jobs and coding to inventory and paying. I am wondering how to move it out of inventory to the job after the month is closed that they were paid in? Is this something that can be done in job cost? or a journal…

  • Edit 'Enter Cash Receipts' entry in Job Cost

    I need to change the accounting date of a Cash Receipt Entry in Job Cost in order for my bank rec to balance. How do I do this?

    thank you!!!

  • AP Generate Electronic Payments

    Has anyone had an invoice get paid twice using AP Generate Electronic Payment?  I paid an invoice February 28th.  after that date, a change was made to the distributions the way Sage taught me.  Reversed prior distribution entry completelety and entered new…

  • Trouble with default Pay ID when entering checks

    We process payroll using the "enter checks" function.  We have an employee that went under Pay ID 5 until recently, when we switched them to Pay ID 0.  It seems that no matter how we change the employee's setup, Pay ID 5 still populates as the…

  • Cash Management Register's Posted & Reconciled, But General Ledger didn't catch transaction.

    I have Cash Management register (CM) matching the bank account. The General ledger (GL) didn't pick up this transaction. CM is reconciled.

    how would I add this to GL and keep everything balanced? last time this happened, I had to do a funky chicken…

  • Does anyone have a good method of handling invoices on hold in paperless?

    Does anyone have a good method of handling invoices on hold in paperless. We want to get them into AP in order to follow the matching principle and recognize revenue. Currently the Project Manger has to approve them and notify us that that they need to…

  • Printer requirements in Sage 300 CRE

    What are the printer requirements to be able to print payroll checks with Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate?

  • Reversing a miscellaneous cash receipt not linked to a customer ID ( Accounts Receivable)

    Good afternoon,

    Just wondering if there is a way to reversed a miscellaneous cash receipt not linked to a customer ID.

     I was trying to be clever : )

  • Move Payroll between states

    I have some taxable wages along with the SWH that got put to the wrong state,  i do not have the option of voiding the direct deposits.  how can i mvre the taxable wages and apply the SWH collected to the correct state?

  • 3rd Party Sick Pay

    An employee is on Long-term Disability where the Third Party pays the employer and employee taxes with the exception of SUTA and FUTA.  They also issue a W-2 to the employee.  I need to process their 3rd party sick pay through the system to pay the FUTA…

  • Windows 11 compatible

    Does anyone know if Sage is working on compatibility with Windows 11?  New computers have Windows 11 as their default which is making things difficult.

  • Applying payments for AR Invoices that were applied in the wrong order


    We have 3 invoices 11113355, 11113356, 11113357.

    Invoice 11113357 was created to hold retainage for the previous two invoices after we received payment and realized retainage should have been held but was not originally.

    Therefore when we tried…

  • Can you use Crystal Reports to change the value of fields in Sage 300 CRE...?

    If this is not possible what would the best way to accomplish this?

    I have the Certified Class description i want to assign to the Occupation field on the Master Employee Record, we would like them to match and currently they do not.



  • Importing budget estimates into Job Cost

    Hey Sage experts, 

    Can anyone provide an excel template or guidance in importing budget estimates into Sage from our excel job master. 

    I’ve been able to create a working template for accounts payable which is great for credit cards and payroll. 

  • Creating upload files for Arcoro...

    We are in the process of moving to Arcoro HR and I have been building imports for this.

    Two of the imports concern pre/post 2020 employee tax info, and some of the data required is Year, Additional Withholding, Filling Status for that year, Exempt or…

  • Payroll Deduction Frequency

    Our company has office personnel on a semi-monthly pay cycle, and field employees on a weekly pay cycle.  In both cases, the employee's benefit deductions only come out of the last check of each month. 

    Is there a way to tell Sage in the employee setup…

  • Payroll

    We are an Ohio company that is looking to streamline some of the payroll processes.  Not necessarily to outsource payroll, since we are in the process of developing our own program to enter daily job cost/payroll into the system via Office Connector.  However…

  • Printing memo field from employee setup...

    I'm using Crystal Reports, i would like to print out the memo field from custom fields for any employees who have a memo entered?



    "Employee_Custom_Flds_Nots: Memo" is the field…

  • ACA Coverage / ACA Compliance

    When we are processing our ACA Compliance filings for 1095C and we select the people that we should send out the 1095C for, we had 140 something people that didn't come over when we selected them to.  We learned that the only way for the forms to go…

  • email purchase orders

    We use Microsoft Office 365 (web based) for email.  We want to sent out PO's to subs via e-mail. is there a specific set up to allow this ?  I realize Exchange Server was utilized in the past but is no longer.  Any assistance would be good.