• Import into CM

    Is there a way to import transactions into Sage 300 CRE CM module?  With the number of accounts and transactions we post manually it's quite cumbersome to go in and out of each bank account. 

  • T4 double employee wage columns (canada)

    My Canadian T4s had a yellow column on the far right with no title but it had the employee wages in it.  I labelled it # 14 "employee wages" and now they are on there twice and doubling up on the final T4 printout for each employee.  How do I…

  • employee master file import into sage 300 CRE

    We are exploring options to import an employee master file into sage 300 CRE. What are the sage specs needed to execute this import?



    I use the Sage 300 Construction Correspondence log in the Project Management Module. I often have to hand type out 8-10 lines of repetitive information for each subcontractor I enter in the log. Is there a way to give the system the name of a subcontractor…

  • hh2 Synch Issue with Sage New Monthly Subscription

    We are encountering issues where hh2 stops synching with Sage due to the new monthly subscription model. The Sage pop-up message in regard to license expiring halts the synch. We have to click the "do not show again" box to eliminate the message then…

  • Sage 300 CRE Upgrade - Can no longer run AR reports

    We have recently upgraded our Sage 300 CRE to version 22.

    Now when we try to run our aging report in accounts receivable we always get this error.

    Faulting application name: AR.EXE, version:, time stamp: 0x6336a3bd
    Faulting module name: ucrtbase…

  • SM Time Entries

    Does anyone else have an issue with Service Management Time Entries taking FOREVER to open? I sometimes have to wait close to an hour for one day to open. Any tips on how to get this to open faster?

    Thank you.

  • Accounting 22.2 compatible with Estimating 19?

    Trying to figure out which versions of Sage Estimating SQL are compatible with year end supported version 22.2. I'm seeing that Estimating 22.1 is compatible, but in the release notes it seems to say earlier versions of estimating sql are compatible.…

  • ODBC connection after upgrade to 22.2

    I have a bunch of excel files that ready from different AP, AR, JC etc tables using a User DSN with the Timberline Data driver.  Prior to upgrading today, they all worked.  Since the upgrade, I'm getting an error that the "required credential settings are…

  • Idaho SUI and WAPFML with 2023 tax download

    We downloaded our 2023 US taxes yesterday.  We have version Sage CRE version 20.3.1.  It seems to have wiped out our employee portion of the WAPFML and it changed the IDSUI.  Was there some sort of error, or is it possible this is related to incompatibility…

  • Job Actual Start Date

    Does anyone know of or have a report that shows the Actaul Start Date of a job?  I can't seem to find one. Can only find reports that list if the job is In Progress or Closed, or the Closed date.



  • 2nd US Tax Update?

    Does anyone know when SAGE will be doing a second tax update to grab the states that posted theirs late? Oregon released 12/28 and I am sure there are others.

  • FAMLI tax deduction

    Good morning Sage City,

    I just closed 2022 payroll and was wondering if the Payroll year end update will add the new FAMLI deductions. Or is this something i have to manually do?

    Any info would be appreciated.

    Thank you,


  • Sage 300 CRE: 2023 Canadian Payroll Tax update

    When is update going to be made available, its dec 28, download page on sage states last updated aug 2022?

  • Do I need to update to 22.2 if I use Aatrix for W2s and 1099

    I will once again vocalize my HATRED for these required end of the year upgrades....as if there isn't enough Government reporting etc going on in December, lets go ahead and add a mandatory upgrade of major versions to the task list.

    Back on track…

  • Sage 300 CRE Integration, does this software include a web API?

    Hi all,
    A couple of clients were interested in making use of Sage 300 CRE, but were hesitant to switch to this software
    due to lack of documentation on any web API or similar.

    From reviewing the product documents available on the customer portal, I gathered…

  • Cost Spreadsheet

    Can total committed cost and yet to commit costs be added to the cost spreadsheet for all open jobs

  • When will MyAssistant for Sage 300 CRE 22.x be released?

    We are planning to send tax forms to employees via MyAssistant. Heck, using MA, we have already gotten consent from over 500 of our staff to do so. We send our weekly payroll stubs via MA as well.

    Forcing the upgrade to Sage 300 CRE 22.x before MyAssistant…

  • Marking Invoices with a Negative Net as Paid

    We have a sitution where the total we owe a Vendor is a negative amount.(The net of some positive invoices and a large credit invoice)  The vendor issues us a credit check for the total.  But I cannot apply that check to those invoices. 

    So now the invoices…

  • Edit Job Number on Paid Job

    I have a situation where a job was invoiced and paid with the wrong job number.  The invoice was entered via Job Cost/Enter Billings and paid via Job Cost/Enter Cash Receipts.  Is there a way for me to change that job number so reporting is accurate?

  • Sage 300 CRE + Autodesk Build Cost Management

    Hello Sage CRE Forum!

    We are in the process of integrating our Sage 300 CRE to our new Project Management software Build Cost Management by Autodesk.  

    Has anyone here done this yet?  I expected some issues along the way but I would like to know what if…

  • Where Do I find Contracts

    I can't find Contracts anywhere. I need to see the history of our contract values.  Where do I go to find Contracts?  TIA!

  • Update 22.2

    Has anyone installed the 22.2 update?  If so, any issues or major changes?

  • Windows Server 2022

    Is anyone running Sage 300 CRE on a server running Windows Server 2022?  We are getting a new server and downgrading the operating system seems a bit counter-productive.

  • veteran status

    How do people track employee's veteran status in Sage?