• Sage 300CRE Subscription licensing vs Perpetual licensing.

    If a Sage 300CRE perpetual user converts to Sage 300CRE Subscription licensing. What happens to the access to the applications and the data if the user stops paying for the subscription and lets it lapse?

    Thanks in advance

  • Best Practice for Setup for Cash Account


    We have cash accounts set up that haven't had balances in years on our GL and Cash Management.

    Can we rename and reuse these accounts?

    What is the best practice, please?


    Cathé Young

  • Delinquent tenants inquiry error


    We use the Property Managment Delinquent Tenants inquiry to see balances that are past due. As of last week we can no longer click on the Balance column dollar amount to see the detail. We get an error that says

    "No open item records for this…

  • Save YTD ledger

    HI, I'm running a YTD ledger with multiple accounts selected in the ranges box.  Is there a way to save this report as I have to run it monthly and it's very time consuming selecting multiple accounts each time?

  • Close Current Period hasn't been run for over 6 months

    Hello all,

    I just started here in late May, and I see that the Close current period hasn't been run since December 2021. When I run it now, will it just close one month at time? I ask because when I started to run it, there were two properties listed…


    We are a property management company with 40+ companies.  Some of our tenants require a copy of EACH invoice that they are being backcharged on for common area maintenance reconciliation.  Our process currently is to make a copy of each paid invoice and…

  • Invoices Selected for Payment Report

    AP-Invoice Registers-Invoices Selected for Payment

    For whatever reason, when I go to this report, it lists 2 items that do not have a balance due, nor are they included on my list when i go to 'Select Invoices for Payment'. I would like to get these cleared…

  • Duplicate Check Numbers

    Last month I purchased 1000 checks for my Accounts Payable through Deluxe and spent a considerable amount of money.  Opened the new box to use, and trying to print accounts payable checks and unfortunately unable because there are duplicate checks from…

  • Can I make 941 penalty payment thru Aatrix?

    We received a note from the IRS noting we had a late 941 deposit.  Can I make this payment thru Aatrix? Will the IRS know it isnt an additional deposit rather the penalty payment?

  • Set up invoices in ap monthly


    I have a few subscriptions that are charged to the credit card monthly and a few that come out via debit card, that require a manual check. Since the invoices always stay the same, is there a way to get these specific invoice to enter on their…

  • Phantom Previously Billed Amount Showing Up in Contract-Based Invoices

    Has anybody encountered a scenario where the have phantom amounts show up in the Previously Billed Column of a Contract-Based invoice? As you can see below in the screenshot from the billing generation, there wasn't any previously billed amounts, we billed…

  • Sage 300 CRE, automate adding employees to PR module

    Hi,  I have been told by sage support that ODBC and MS Access can be used to add employees to the payroll module, but professional services must be engaged.  I am wondering if anyone has used powershell or another scripting tool to add employees. 

  • Warnings on Check Journal

    On the bottom of my Payroll Check Journal, I'll often get a message - "2 warnings - check the System Log in the Log Viewer". But when I open the Log Viewer there are no warnings there.  Is there something else I need to do to view these errors…

  • Default Pay Rate Table in Payroll

    For the past 10+ years, we've used the same pay rate table in payroll, making changes to certified classes and wage rates as required. The table allows you to input job, certified class, certified?, pay rate, base rate.

    For reference: I currently…

  • Crystal Reports Error - Saved data will be discarded/failed to compile

    Wondering if anyone can help me. Since the last upgrade I have been having this error anytime I open a Sage/Timberline CR Report

    "The saved data will be discarded since one of more formulas failed to compile

    I can create new reports without issue…

  • Delete Commitment

    Trying to delete a commitment that has just been entered.  When I click 'Delete Commitment' the system just hangs up and I have to kill off the process.  Is there a workaround?

  • Change Accounting Date in JC Cash Receipts

    I just posted cash receipts in JC with a future accounting date and I'd like to change the date. Is there an easy way to do this?

  • Report to show Employee Cost

    Project manager is looking for a report that will show how much an employee is costing him based on a specific job.  Is there a report out there that will show a specific employees hours, for a specific job and what labor costs are included?

  • Payroll Change Period End Date

    I just used Change Period End Date to correct my accidentally entering the period end date incorrectly (May instead of June) on the Import Time screen, and was shocked to find that it also changed the Dates on all of my time records. Those dates were…

  • Customer Packing List

    Is there a way to print a pack list that we give to customers when we deliver products and have them sign for proof of delivery? Currently, we put together a spreadsheet and hand type. I was hoping there was a way for at least box sale items where we…

  • Is there a way to copy customized setting for each module to a new PC?

    I 've set up a new PC and want to know if there is an easy way to copy my settings to my new PC?  By settings I mean all the reports, inquiries, and such for each module that are added through Tools/Customize/Toolbar for each module; PR, AP, AR, IA…

  • Issue a Check without Invoice attached

    I want to write a check to one of our other bank accounts.  How do I do this withou having to create an invoice to link it to?  If i go to AP/Tasks/Quick Check or Manual Check, I'm still required to choose an Invoice to attach it to. I just want to be able…

  • Can anyone recommend on boarding software that can import new employee information into payroll?

    Any recommendations on using on boarding software for new employees & importing into payroll?

  • Microsoft Access closes when I try to delete data in a field and refresh. How can I delete the data?

    When I delete data in a field in Microsoft Access and refresh, the application closes. It only happens with the one specific field "Vendor_Custom_Fields_Nots" from the APM_MASTER_VENDOR_CUSTOM_FIELDS table. I accidentally entered data in a field and now…

  • Sage 300 CRE - COST CODE ISSUE/ERROR - Cost Code Not Allowed to be set up or used for a project.

    I have 2 Cost Codes that have randomly stopped working for 2 users. I am the Admin and it won't let me use them for 1 specific job only. The other 2 users is for any project.  

    Won't allow them to be used when entering a Change Order Request in Project…