• Ohio W2s Ohio Business Gateway

    Apparently, even though Aatrix will upload W2s to the state of Ohio for you, I am reading that all employers with over 10 W2s must upload W2s manually on the Ohio Business Gateway in EFW2 format.  If this is true, I am at a loss.  Does anyone know this to…

  • 1095C

    I cannot get my 1095C's to generate in Sage 300.  Any ideas as to what I may be doing wrong?

    Thanks, Denise

  • 1099 vendor copy amount is blank

    Anyone else having a problem with the 1099 Vendor copy received in the mail has a blank dollar amount?

    My copy has it but theirs did not.

  • Date Stamp record in the AP Invoice

    We use Sage CRE 300.

    I wrote a report using Report Designer several years ago using the Date Stamp record in the AP Invoice file so I would know when a record was entered. Recently I noticed that all the Date Stamp records and the Time Stamp records in…

  • Sage 300 CRE Upgrade - Can no longer run AR reports

    We have recently upgraded our Sage 300 CRE to version 22.

    Now when we try to run our aging report in accounts receivable we always get this error.

    Faulting application name: AR.EXE, version:, time stamp: 0x6336a3bd
    Faulting module name: ucrtbase…

  • new/current files not moving

    We have downloaded version 22 1/7/22.  I entered our payroll info today - posted the info and when I went to print the file it showed new/current/history.  last week it would have current/history only?  Is there a glitch with the version 22?

  • Job Actual Start Date

    Does anyone know of or have a report that shows the Actaul Start Date of a job?  I can't seem to find one. Can only find reports that list if the job is In Progress or Closed, or the Closed date.



  • What's the difference between Crystal Reports and Report Designer?

    I looked for resources on Sage University for the Report Designer, but there's nothing. 

    Only crystal reports gets mentioned despite them both having tabs. 

    I can't find crystal reports by name except for an upgrade exe, so I'm really confused.…

  • Can one create or print an .xlsx file in Sage 300 CRE?

    When printing a report, one of the options is to "print" to an .xls file.  When will we be able to see .xlsx in the options?  And while we are asking, when will the program put formulas in the Excel file on the Total row?

  • Will there be a FULL version of 2022 Year End Procedures and Government Forms Guide?

    Will there be a Full version of 2022 Year End Procedures and Government Forms Guide?  I am only finding an "outline" to print - 35 pages.  Normally there is a full verion of approximately 160 pages to view/print.

  • Tracking and Reporting Production with Unit Quantities?

    We are in need of a report that can show unit cost based on labor cost. Is there a report that exist where we can enter quantities weekly so we can analyze labor cost vs unit production?  

  • How to find invoice images by project/cost code?

    I would like to see the invoice images per cost code, is there an Inquiry/Report where I can see all of the cost and then click on the image?

  • AR Status Date vs Accounting Date, when should they be different?

    We noticed our GL Outstanding Balances did not match up with Open Invoices available that were open in AR for a given vendor. Since I wrote these reports in SQL, I wondered if I'd made a mistake. When I looked at the table data to see if my reports were…

  • Edit Job Number on Paid Job

    I have a situation where a job was invoiced and paid with the wrong job number.  The invoice was entered via Job Cost/Enter Billings and paid via Job Cost/Enter Cash Receipts.  Is there a way for me to change that job number so reporting is accurate?

  • Where Do I find Contracts

    I can't find Contracts anywhere. I need to see the history of our contract values.  Where do I go to find Contracts?  TIA!

  • Open Jobs Report

    Is there an open jobs by customer report available?

    Thank you

  • Payroll Direct Deposit Notification/Stubs

    Can you print Direct deposit notifications/stubs on plain paper or do you have to by stock to print them on? 

  • Certified Report additional details

    Does anyone have a modified Certified Payroll Report that includes the check number and employee number? Also, would be helpful to have deductions listed individually.

  • Does anyone have a termination report for PR?

    Similar to a new hire report, i need a termination report that i can run with period dates.


  • Cost code report, excluding Job

    Is there a report within Sage by cost code that is not split by job? Lookng to anlayze which cost codes are utilized more than others over all project ranges.

  • Adding a new company to print out financial statements

    I recently added a new company and need to be able to print out financial statements for the new company. As of now, when I got to run financial statements the new company does not show up in my list to print. How do I get the new company added?

  • Check Envelopes

    We use Sage checks for payroll and AP and we were told by Sage that the envelopes are on backorder and its unknown when they will get anymore. Does anyone have a compatible check envelope for Sage product RN DWE323.

    I’ve been to Amazon and Office Depot…

  • 2022 1099's


    We are running Sage 300 CRE version 20.4.1, are we able to print correctly 2022 1099's with this version or do we need the latest version?

    Thank you

  • Committed Item

    Does anyone have a report that will not only show invoice detail for commitments but also invoices billed over commitment?  I know it is backwards but we frequently process the commitments after the invoices are entered.  I then have to go in and attache…

  • Presentation of Negative Numbers in Reports

    Hello, relatively new to the software. Was curious, is there a way to change the way negative numbers are presented in the reports printed from Sage 300 modules? The negative numbers currently show at the end of the numbers, ex: $1,500-. This makes it…