• how to move a check from an ap vendor to a different vendor

    So we have been paying a certain vendor for a number of years. This year, our admin created a new vendor to pay them.  So I have five years' worth of data under vendor 1 and one check from July 2021 under Vendor 2.  Is there any way I can do a credit…

  • Uploading Accounts Payable Vendors

    We just purchased another company and they have approx. 200 vendors.  is it possible to upload the vendor information?

  • Sage 300 CRE- I want to be able to import a large payroll journal entry

    Are there instructions some where that will take you step by step?

    We have been entering our payroll manually in a journal entry.  Is there a template that we can use to upload the payroll journal entry?

  • I want to start using the AP Import Invoice task under Tools.

    We have 300-400 CC transactions to enter and are hoping to use this tool.  Does any one use the feature "Import Invoices" under the AP-Tools?  I need a solution to import our credit card transactions from our bank website.   The bank can provide…

  • What table in the DB has all the Job Setup Change Management information

    What table in the DB has all the Job Setup Change Management information - looking for the table that has the markup grid 

  • Hi there, Has any one been successful setting up a import template for Committed Cost?

    This would be from coming from our company to a vendor or a subcontractor..  One of our divisions issues Purchase Orders on QuickBooks and hands us a report on a weekly basis of their activities.  Mainly Purchase Orders since it's a manufacturing company…

  • Excel Export button grayed out

    When creating a General Ledger inquiry, the Excel Export button is grayed out and I am unable to export the data.  The "Alt X" function also does not work.
    Why would this be?


    Where can I find the job cost upload file?

  • Job Cost Direct Cost Import Template

    We enter monthly direct cost allocations to jobs and I am in need of a template.  Does anyone have a import template?

  • Open Closed Contracts Module

    I accidentally closed our contracts module twice, rolling it forward two months rather than one.  How can I reopen the contracts module?

  • Accessing Sage 300 ODBC via powershell [Sage][SQLEngine] (31830) Username and password is required.

    I am trying to establish a ODBC connection to Sage 300 using Powershell ODBC. 

    I am getting below error. I have tried using the same username and password for importing via ODBC in MS Access and it works. 

    What am I missing?

    Exception calling "Open" with…
  • BL generating it's own invoices without prompting?!

    We do almost all Cost-Based invoicing. In the past few cycles, billing has been generating invoices un-prompted! Has anyone else experienced this? Our process is as follows:

    1. Generate Work in Progress for ALL jobs

    2. Generate Cost Based invoices for…

  • change attachment location in AP

    We just changed our storage server and in the process "simplified" where we scan AP invoices.

    The problem is, the links in AP are now pointing to a non-existent location.  Is there a way to redirect the file location?  Or, where is this info…

  • Renaming a job number

    Hi - I'm new to Sage 300 CRE -- I just imported a job estimate into Sage 300 and accidently named it job 21-005  when it should be job 21-001  --  the only thing I have posted so far is the estimate which has all of the costs by cost code.   Is there an…

  • Remote App - ODBC

    We recently change IT Providers and they are now hosting our servers.  We access Sage via Remote App.  They have created a separate Excel app I have to use (Remote App) that I am to use for ODBC.  I know we have updated Excel and Sage but holy-moly - either…

  • Service Management Data Dictionary and ODBC Connector?

    I can connect to Sage 300 tables via the Sage 300 ODBC connection ; however, the ODBC Connection doesn't have access to any Service Management tables.  Is there a different method for connecting to the S.M. tables.  Finally, where can I get a list of…

  • SQL Replicator and SQL Databases

    I had a KB that described the process of deleting the replicated database(s) from the SQL server (compnaydata, izenda, etc) to start from a clean slate, can anyone point me to this KB.


  • export import cost codes

    Looking for guidance how we can export our standard cost codes from one company and import into another?

  • ODBC does not like other passwords except for "password"


    I'm trying to set up a connection to a Sage300CRE company using a "DSNLess" ODBC connection.  It appears that the only password it will accept without giving me an ERROR [28000] [Sage][SQLEngine] (31830) Username and password is required…

  • Unprintable characters found

    Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate v20.3

    After running “File Doctor” we notice several errors. I found the client record with the unprintable characters error and manually replaced the text without any special characters. A re-run of “File Doctor”…

  • Safety Pre-Qualification Information

    Hi Everyone!

    Our roofing company regularly has to submit safety pre-qualification info when we bid for a project. We have places that we can store this information for company wide access (OneDrive, network drives, etc.), but I was curious to see if anyone…

  • Failed to retrieve data from database error coming when try to generate a report

    Dear team ,

    When trying to generate a payment voucher using crystal report ,following error obtained.

  • SQL Replicator Missing Data until I stop and start


    I've often noticed while running reports that data is missing on my SQL Server reports (through SQL Replicator). I start and stop the replicator (which appears to be running fine), and a short time later the data shows up. The data is sometimes several…

  • Merging employees for W2 from two databases?

    We have two databases for payroll. We have an employee who will be switching jobs and therefore needs to be moved from one database to the other. Is there a way to merge his records at year-end so that he still only gets one W-2, or will we need to provide…

  • Import Fringes

    We use a spreadsheet to import time into Payroll.

    What I'm wondering is if there is a way to also import a Fringe entry.

    Thank you in advance