• Equipment Revenue Rates

    Is there a way to import revenue rates in the equipment module?

  • How to connect Sage CRE Accounting with existing database


    i've database file. i need to load data in my sage cre 300.

    I've installed sage cre 300 in my local machine but not found database dump and database load application.

    Could you guys help here how to connect with this database?



  • Testing out Power BI from Microsoft

    When trying to use Power BI to connect to the Sage 300 CRE (22.2) do I select SQL server, MySQL, BI Connector or something else? 

  • GL Import File

    Good morning,

    We have our office on a payroll service outside of Sage.  We worked with them to set up the weekly GL entries for us so we could import them rather than fat finger them in.  I've only imported files into Job Cost so I was curious if anyone…

  • Uploading Accounts Payable invoices from Excel or CSV templates

    Does Sage 300 CRE permit upload of batches of payable invoices from either Excel or CSV upload templates?  Can an upload tool be built to import multiple supplier expense invoices at a time with a template?

  • Restore from a backup to a new company

    I have a need to restore a backup from the end of 2021 into a new company in Sage 300 CRE. 

    What would the process be to do that, without effecting the current production company.



  • SAGE 300 CRE and 64-bit ODBC or DSN. Possible?

    We're trying to set-up a workstation which would allow a 3rd party company (via Microsoft Runtime Integration, etc) to read data off our 300 CRE via the creation of 64-bit ODBC or DSN ... eventual goal is to get our Sage CRE database sending data to an…

  • employee master file import into sage 300 CRE

    We are exploring options to import an employee master file into sage 300 CRE. What are the sage specs needed to execute this import?

  • ODBC connection after upgrade to 22.2

    I have a bunch of excel files that ready from different AP, AR, JC etc tables using a User DSN with the Timberline Data driver.  Prior to upgrading today, they all worked.  Since the upgrade, I'm getting an error that the "required credential settings are…

  • Backup best practices

    We are using System Administrator to do scheduled, nightly backups of Sage 300 CRE. However, they are failing intermittently, seemingly because some people forget to close Sage applications on their desktops every night.  As I'm sure any IT professional…

  • AP Vendor Clean UP

     - Is there a way to mass update active vendors to inactive status?

  • We are currently running in Sage CRE version 20.4, our cyber security has highlighted that the Pervasive SQL Version was outdated (Pervasive PSQL Version Vulnerability CVE-2017-11757) in the software.

    We are currently running in Sage CRE version 20.4, our cyber security has highlighted that the Pervasive SQL Version was outdated (Pervasive PSQL Version Vulnerability CVE-2017-11757) in the software. Any acknowledgement and remediation plan for this…

  • EQ Information Import

    Our company has purchased another company.  We need to add their equipment to our equipment.  Is there a way to import the EQ setup info for the equipment, or does each piece have to be manually entered?

  • Direct Deposit Template for CIBC Bank

    We are looking into starting direct deposit for our employees.  I have contacted our bank, CIBC Bank, regarding this and they said that Sage is compatible with the bank and that Sage should have a template that we could use to transmit our direct deposit…

  • Template for Importing Job Costs

    Can anyone assist with a template for importing to Job Cost, including GL Only entries? Below is a snip of the fields we use. I currently import invoice in AP using an Excel template with Office Connector to convert to a .txt file but I cannot figure…

  • Inventory Module Imports Inefficient

    Good afternoon,

    We post Inventory Imports through the inventory module (Tools -> Import Issues), and its getting to the point where daily import postings will take 4+ hours a day just to post through. At this rate, we wont be able to post daily anymore…

  • Sage 300 CRE, automate adding employees to PR module

    Hi,  I have been told by sage support that ODBC and MS Access can be used to add employees to the payroll module, but professional services must be engaged.  I am wondering if anyone has used powershell or another scripting tool to add employees. 

  • I have a Purchase Order that is showing in committed cost but has completely disappeared. How do I resolve this?

    I issued a CO to an existing PO last week, printed and sent.  It was there, I have the proof.  This week the PO is not showing in a PO Log but the line items are showing under committed cost.  I have no idea what happened.  Any help would be appreciated.

  • Import of employee information from Arcoro into Sage CRE

    We are currently finishing up our Open Enrollment using Arcoro, and I would like to import this data into Sage 300 CRE since the sync they are developing is not finished yet.

    We mainly need the selections they made, deduction ID's so payroll can run with…

  • Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate - GL - Import Transaction Template

    I could not download any templates from Help, but I am hoping that someone will share with me. We record 50+ entries for distributions daily and wanted to speed up the process by importing all the entries into Sage via csv file. 

  • Sage 300 CRE - COST CODE ISSUE/ERROR - Cost Code Not Allowed to be set up or used for a project.

    I have 2 Cost Codes that have randomly stopped working for 2 users. I am the Admin and it won't let me use them for 1 specific job only. The other 2 users is for any project.  

    Won't allow them to be used when entering a Change Order Request in Project…

  • Company Folders Blank in a new installation


    One of our workstations crashed and we have currently installed 20.5 version of Sage 300 CRE (there are no other versions on this workstation). The server is also on 20.5 which we upgraded from 18.4 to 20.5 

    In the workstation, the install completed…

  • Importing Estimates into Sage 300 CRE

    I am looking to Import several lines, with headers, and hoping someone has a template that is easy to follow.  Not too sure what the Ps and Cs are for or what to enter.  If you have an Excel template and/or detailed instructions, please let me know.  Need…

  • Bank account created in CM is not showing in AP when trying to generate crystal reports.

    We have created a new bank account in CM module and the transactions are correct going but when trying to generate crystal report in AP module the particular bank name is not listed.The CM and AP module details and not sync.

    In order to generate crystal…

  • Importing budget estimates into Job Cost

    Hey Sage experts, 

    Can anyone provide an excel template or guidance in importing budget estimates into Sage from our excel job master. 

    I’ve been able to create a working template for accounts payable which is great for credit cards and payroll.