• Prefix A, Prefix B, Prefix C

    We have been using Sage 300 and have gone through a company reorg, so instead of separate companies all companies are now divisions/departments under one corporation.  I would like to change our GL accounting.  We have only used Prefix A and Prefix B in…

  • Joint Venture Setup

    Is anyone familiar with how to setup a new Joint Venture project in Sage? Does a new company need to be setup or can Sage track this within an existing company that is already setup?  

  • Job Cost - Cost Spreadsheet not Summarizing Correctly

    Hi Everyone,

    I am having an issue where Job Cost is not summarizing the entries correctly. Here is an example. The summarized view of the cost spreadsheet shows $81,980.18. However, when I click inside it only totals to $51,064.45, which is the correct…

  • Payroll

     Can you process one consolidated payroll. With taxes, and benefits for different legal entities? 

  • Archiving Employees - Employee # already exists in archive file.

    I want to move my past/terminated employees over to the archive folder, however there is already an archived employee with the same number of one I am looking to move. Any thoughts on what will happen, or what I can to to keep the records for both individuals…