• Payroll Deduction - Accumulation

    A few of our employees have a deduction that goes to a GL account and it is available for when they need it...ie. savings. At year end, any remaining balance rolls over, year to year and keeps adding and deducting as it is suppose to.  However, this year after…

  • Tax Exempt Forms tracked in SAGE 300 CRE?

    I was looking for a way to upload Tax Exempt forms in the AR Application or Job Cost.  Right now we are tracking the actual forms offline and we've grown substianlly and I would like to be more organized in case of a Audit.

    Thank you

  • Service Management Rate Tables for Variable Rates

    Is there a way to setup rate tables to add one rate for service techs and one rate for helpers? Our service techs charge $90/hour but the helpers can only be charged out at $60/hour. We are having to manually change the rate during work order/invoice…

  • Log4j Vulnerability


    Has Sage CRE 300 been affected by the recent Log4j vulnerability?  If so, is there remediation information available? 



  • SAGE 300 CRE and High Resolution (4K)

    Has anyone found any tricks to help manage the tiny buttons and fonts in SAGE when running at higher resolutions?

  • AP Vendor backup withholding setup

    We have a vendor that we sent a B Notice to because the tax ID/name reported on their 1099 did not match the government's records.  They did not reply, so I need to set the vendor up so backup withholding will be held if we should use them in the future…

  • Can I create a Test Company with only the set-ups and tables copied, but not the data?

    We are trying to encourage users to leverage the power of the software whilst mitigating the risk.  So to encourage their probing, I would like to create a Test Company (i.e., Directory) with only the tables copied, but none of the data from my very lar…

  • What is the best way to add equipment charges to a work order in SSO/SM.

    We'd like to add equipment costs, such as heavy equipment, to a work order.  The price and cost would be fixed with no additional markup, no tax.  We want the techs to be able to add the charge from SSO.  Trying to find a way to do it starting in SSO…

  • Switching Billing/Cash Receipts to the AR Module from Job Cost

    We currently bill and enter cash receipts in Job Cost, but I want to transition it over to the AR Module. How would I go about setting this up?  

  • Is it possible to make a cost code for a particular job inactive?

    Is it possible to make a cost code for a particular job inactive?

  • Fonts in popups

    I just upgraded to windows 10 and now all the fonts in the popups are elongated.  How do I fix this.  My display settings are 100%.  It is just the popups that are the problem.

  • Can Sage be set up for tenants to go online to make rent payments?

    We have some residential rental properties and the tenants would like to go online and make rent payments.   Can Sage be set up to accept and record these payments?

  • Does Microsoft Intune conflict with Sage Desktop's speed?

    We are in the process of upgrading and converting our systems to Microsoft Intune. I am the first guinea pig. Since the upgrade, when I click on any of my Desktop shortcuts, they take anywhere from 10 to 20 seconds to come up. Not exactly the "shortcut…

  • Job Cost - Setup issue

    Recently, each time I try to setup a job in Job Cost, I get a message that says "Having trouble reading this data".  When I click "OK" it then proceeds to the Job Setup screen.  We haven't performed any updates and it seems as though…

  • Job Cost Setup

    I am setting up 64 lots in Job Cost, is there a way to copy from a previous lot and just make a couple changes?

  • Subcontractor and Tier 2 Diversity Spend

    We are getting more requirements from our Owners to formally report our Tier 1 and Tier 2 Diversity spend.  We have all of our subcontractors set up in Procore with their diversity status but it looks like getting the spend report out of there is not going…

  • Union Payroll Setup-Fringes at OT and DT Rates

    We are doing a project in IL.  The local union agreement requires that some of the union benefits be paid out at OT and DT rates.  Becuase we are doing night shift work and start on Sundays, all Sunday hours up to 12 am are at DT and the rest of the night…

  • How to prevent users from posting to a particular account?

    How to prevent users from posting to a particular account?

  • Lien waivers-Timberscan & Sage

    This is a question about lien waivers for anyone that uses both Sage and Timberscan. We have tried selecting a vendor as "Other" when setting it up in Sage (because we don't want lien waivers to print out for those vendors) but if a vendor is selected…

  • Setting up permissions for Work Orders

    We are having issues with unauthorized people changing job cost codes, moving people around in the D-board and activating jobs. We need to set up read-only access for SM work orders and found the area to restrict access in the Security Administration…

  • Viewing charge types in PM

    Is there a way to just view the charge types that are set up in PM other than having access to set up charge types?

  • What would you recommend re: bringing Sage server in house?

    I am contemplating bringing our Sage server in house. We had initially used Sage for our accounting AND project management, hence using a cloud server provider, but have since implemented ProCore for our PM. A cloud server made sense when I had a larger…

  • New July 1, 2021 Pay Rate and benefits increases setting up tables for different rates by county and zone for ironworkers

    We just received the new Union Agreement in regards to California Ironworkers Pay rate and Benefit increases beginning July 1, 2021.  Usually we just update pay tables and edit the Vacation Formula to produce the new wages and Benefits, However this July…

  • Vendor Setup

    The vendors in my system have been all setup as sucontractors. Even if they just supply materials.  I would think the subs that recieve 1099'sare the only ones that should be setup as subs, correct? Or, am I totally over thinking this.

    Any advice,…

  • Unnecessary Printing

    Right now when I 'Finish' a task, say entering an invoice, making a change to Cash Management, etc.,  I'm presented with the Print screen where I have to click 'Start' to finish the process and then the confirmation sheet prints out.…