• Open a new period

    Good afternoon,

    We are using Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate and the prior person was posting everything to a period that has past.  I have posted transactions to a period that is not showing open.  We have open 07/01/2019 to 06/30/2021 but have …

  • GL Account Number

    We have been using Sage for many years.  Many accounts that were set up years ago are no longer needed.  Telling our staff not to use the account numbers only goes so far and altimatly one or more will get used.

    Is there a way to lock-down account numbers…

  • Entire Bonus Check contribution to 401K - Sage 300 CRE

    Recently we paid out bonuses for 2021 and an individual contributed their entire check to their 401k.  When doing this it created a $0 direct deposit therefore did not print a direct deposit notification.   I didn't think much of it at the time but upon…

  • CM Posting Issue


    We seem to have an issue where we posted a CM entry (10158)  and it appears in the GL, but not in CM. This is causing our reconciliation to not tie out.

    In CM Batch 10158:

    GL Batch 10158:

    Does anyone know what the issue is or how to correct this…

  • Payroll did not post to Billing


    I recently ran into an issue where payroll for the month did not post to billing when I genetated WIP.  Payroll journal did not have any rejections or warnings.

    The project had not been completely set up in Contracts prior to paryoll posting (all …

  • What is the best method for adding a premium pay to an employee's paycheck?

    We are giving a $0.50 "raise" or what I have been calling a "premium pay" to employees working a specific job in a specific cost code. I have been calculating and adding this to their checks manually (including a calculation for OT at…

  • How to apply cash on account to accounts payable invoice

    We have a separate GL set up for cash on account (it's not related to any specific customer, it's just a generic GL) that our cash applications people put funds to when they can't find an invoice to apply it to. If an invoice exists (but they…

  • Uploading Account Payable Invoices from Excel or CSV template

    I found the upload for Accounts Payable Invoives in Office Connector.  I'm getting an error log "Unknown Record type identifier (fld1, col1) for multiple lines.  However, I'm only trying to upload one line as a test.  What causes this error…

  • AR Adjust Receivables Summary entries in Revenue accounts

    My company has many entries hitting our Revenue accounts with the description "AR Adjust Receivables Summary".  These entries are reducing our Revenue account balances.  I do not see any offsetting entries in AR.  Any ideas on what these entries…

  • Cash Management Entry

     I entered a transaction in Cash Management but the entry did not post.  How do i correct?

  • Import Invoices

    Trying to import a large allocated invoice and create intercompany entries.  It won't let me have a different accounts payable prefix as the credit.  Is there anyway around this besides creating journal entries separately?

  • Payroll Entry

    I am entering paroll manually everyweek from an Access report.  Now that we are growing quickly this has become big job.  Played around with Importing time entries but without much success.  Can anyone recommend another software we could use to compile the…

  • Void partial DD amount

    I need to void part of the DD check and it was in a prior month.

    Does anyone know how to do this? 

    DDP 1 was set up wrong and was rejected by the bank, the

    rest of the check went through correctly. 

    Thank you

  • Accounts Payable Generate ACH Payment

    We want to run a check for a single vendor that has 100s of invoices monthly that our bank automatically deducts the payment for. We do not want to use manual check option because you have to select each invoice individually thorugh the F4 function.  We want…

  • Automatic commitments on job cost

    Hello everyone!

    Hope everyone is doing just fine,

    My company recently started this project to try to make everything paperless, especially when it comes with commitments and invoices.

    I've been trying to search how to automatically generate commitments…

  • Payroll "In Use" after Computer Auto Restart


    Our payroll assistant's computer performed an automatic Windows restart during her PR Time entries. After the restart she was able to continue entering, but while attempting to "Process Payroll" we are getting the message the the PR Transaction…

  • Invoices not posting to AR

    I recently entered several invoices in Quick Bill.  They have all been printed from billing and appear to have posted normally with no error messages on the posting reports.  I have posted all my other modules ie EQ, JC, PR, GL etc as well.   

    Now I'm trying to enter…

  • Unable to post a edited GL Entry that is in new

    If we import a GL entry that is incorrect, we used to be able to edit it and then post it. We can no longer post these entries that have been edited even those the task says completed normally. Does anyone know how to be able to post a GL entry that has…

  • Contract Items

    When setting up contracts, if the GL prefix is set on the main contract, do I need to also key it in on each line item if it's all the same prefix?

  • VAT recording from AP to GL

    Dear Team,

    Re posting the issue again to get more attention , the problem is unsolved and demanding immediate attention.

    We have noticed a strange issue in treatment of VAT. The VAT is calculated in AP correctly and reflected in VAT report as well. However…

  • General Ledger

    An employee mistakenly dated a payroll check for the year 5021. It is hanging out there in the general ledger. It obviously won't post. I can't find the entries to be able to delete them.

  • JC Import

    Is there a line limit for a JC Direct Cost Import? I am uploading my credit card expense data and am having issues getting it to import this month. It has about 540 lines (DC and GL).

  • Print Selection window

    Is there a window I could reviewing the Enter Invoice Journal entry?  Where is the print selection window? 

  • Job Cost Batch Reversals


    We recently had an individual accidentily post a number of batches in Job Cost that should not have been posted. These batches ranged from accouting dates in February 2021 to April 2021. Luckily the GL was closed up to April 2021 and as a result…

  • Property Management Batch Rental Invoice Processing?

    Can the Property Managment module allow for Batch Rental reoccurring invoices via e-mail to multiple tenants?  Is anyone doing this and how can it be set up and processed montly.