• Restore from a backup to a new company

    I have a need to restore a backup from the end of 2021 into a new company in Sage 300 CRE. 

    What would the process be to do that, without effecting the current production company.



  • Backup best practices

    We are using System Administrator to do scheduled, nightly backups of Sage 300 CRE. However, they are failing intermittently, seemingly because some people forget to close Sage applications on their desktops every night.  As I'm sure any IT professional…

  • Creating a Backup - Curious on a few things.

    I'm not able to create  full image backup of my sage machine, so I'm planning on recreating it in another server. The issue being, when I open up System Administrator and I click my company folder, it says, "You have not selected all of your company…

  • System Administrator Automatic Backup-Files Open

    So I am trying to switch over to using System Administrator to do the backups (we just started using SQL Replicator) and the first back up failed because someone left Sage open at their desktop and I got an error about Master.qlm being open.  This will…

  • Pervasive SQL VSS Writer error

    We are getting periodic errors with our backup software, that may be caused by the "Pervasive.SQL" VSS Writer. What causes this error and is this a cause for concern?  Sage and Pervasive are contained within virtualized Hyper-V servers that Acronis…

  • RE: just migrated data to window 2012 and installed version 13.1

    Thank you for you post !

    Were you able to get your backup to kick over and save your data folder?

    I seen prior cases where selecting a short "Destination" path or drive corrected the error and allowed clients to save their data.

  • Backup Solution

    I am looking into our backup solutions and needed to find the recommended way to backup Timberline data properly to insure a quality disaster recovery.

    I have read through the knowledge base and notice that everytime you suggest a backup that we go into…