• can you apply a commitment in AP after an invoice has been paid

    Can you or how do you apply a commitment to an invoice after it has been paid

  • AP Vendor Credit Balance?

    Is there a way to show a credit balance on an AP vendor account? We made a duplicate payment and want to show on the vendor account that there is a credit to be applied to the next invoice. 

  • AR credit memo for returned merchandise

    I have a customer who has already paid an invoice in full but now is returning some of the merchandise and would like a credit for the return.  we will also be charging a 20% restocking fee for this inventory items they are returning.  Any suggestions on…

  • CIBC Bank direct Deposit-United States

    Does anyone use CIBC Bank in the US for doing payroll Direct Deposits thru SAGE?  I was told that SAGE is compatiable with CIBC Bank USA and that SAGE should have a template that we could use to submit our payroll files.  Any informaiton regarding using…

  • Old WIP items pulling through

    Has anyone ever run into old items that got hung up and wouldn't pull through to the WIP (and eventually had to be hand keyed) suddenly pulled through months later in mass? And if so, do you know what caused it?

  • Withholding by in error

    I am an Ohio contractor with many city income taxes.

    We started a job which we thought was in a city.  After one month, and 2 payrolls with that city's withholding, we verified that the job site is in a township.  No city income tax.

    What process should…

  • Creating Deposit for Bank Account Funding

    Organizational structure consists of two companies, Company #1 and Company #2. Last year we switched bank accounts from Bank #1 to Bank #2 for our Checking and Health Reimbursement Accounts. Company #1 did not have any remaining checks for the old bank…

  • Is there a way to delete the estimate entries entered through job central?

    Is there a way to delete the estimate entries entered through job central?

  • How do you enter retainage on a subcontractor invoice?

    Currently, we enter a Subcontractor invoice into Accounts Payable by entering the invoice in the top section, and then in the bottom section we enter two lines, one for the main amount, and one for the retainage amount.  When this is displayed in the WIP…

  • Reconcile a Bank Account for a Closed Month

    I need to reconcile a bank account in a closed month. August is closed in General Ledger. I have started a bank reconciliation for September and am now needing to change the date of my reconciliation to August to close it. How can I do this?

  • Job Closing/Change Orders

    We have a large job we would like to close for our fiscal year end.   There is an unresolved change order that may not be ready in time for the close.   Other than open another job to handle the billing, does anyone have a different method to handle this…

  • Outstanding Deposits and Withdrawals

    On my Bank Rec Report, I have a few items under Outstanding Deposits and Withdrawls from years ago. They go back as far as 2002. My accountant is wondering if we can't clear those out somehow.  Wondering how I might do this? I saw the article about…

  • Variance between Balance Sheet Accounts Payable Amount and Invoice Aging Net Unpaid Balance

    The Accounts Payable and Retainage Payable amounts shown on my Balance Sheet have an identical variance to what is shown for Net Unpaid Balance and Retainage Payable amounts shown on the Invoice Aging w/ Cut-off Date report. The total AP/Retainage amounts…

  • Credit Card Payment Process

    Good Morning

    We are layering in additional internal control measures for our AP/credit card procedure using Timberscan/Sage 300.

    Does anyone have a procedure they can share when these responsibilities are split between two people?

    One person is responsible…

  • Error message receipting lease deposit

    Hello all,

    I'm attempting to correct a prior deposit to move it from an open credit to a lease deposit.  The original receipt was voided and I created a charge for the lease deposit.  When I attempt to receipt the payment against the lease deposit charge…

  • Local taxes

    Is there a way to withhold school district tax and residence city tax for an employee?

  • Switching from traditional service plan to subscription

    Has anyone switched service plans from the traditional Silver perpetual license plan to the Subscription service plan? Our plan comes up for renewal in October and am being told that if we stay with the Silver plan, we cannot use the Easy Pay plan that…

  • Cash Management-SAGE 300CRE

    When entering a deposit with a split detail of accounts, the system somehow doubled the amount of the deposit in Cash Management Register.  The general ledger is correct.  The bank reconciliation is correct.  But Cash Management Register is inflated by the…

  • Sage 300CRE Subscription licensing vs Perpetual licensing.

    If a Sage 300CRE perpetual user converts to Sage 300CRE Subscription licensing. What happens to the access to the applications and the data if the user stops paying for the subscription and lets it lapse?

    Thanks in advance

  • Cash Management / General Ledger


    I'm hoping to get some answers/help. 

    I did a really stupid thing, I saw there was something outstanding from July (closed month) in General Ledger and without even thinking, i posted it. The problem with this is that the check was cleared in…

  • Financial Statement

    I have another issue...

    On my financial statement, the "Total Assets" and "Total Liabilities" do not match. What causes this and how do i figure out what's throwing it off on Sage 300? I checked and all accounts are on the FS. I'm hoping to get some help…

  • I received a deposit with multiple checks which were applied in AR and reconciled and then 1 of the check came back as NSF. How to enter the nsf check and get my receivable open again?

    I received multiple checks for AR times and the deposit cleared with my statement.  Then 1 of the checks came back as NSF.  How to enter the nsf check and get my receivable open again without throwing off my reconciliation for the prior month?

  • Best Practice for Setup for Cash Account


    We have cash accounts set up that haven't had balances in years on our GL and Cash Management.

    Can we rename and reuse these accounts?

    What is the best practice, please?


    Cathé Young

  • Late Charges Stopped Working in PM

    Late Charges Stopped Working in PM, they used to run when posted but now they do not and have to individually create a charge on each tenant's ledger.  Is anyone else having this issue? Support could not help me...

  • What are the differences with CM the Status codes C or R and how are they created?

    Somehow we have many of our reconciled transactions showing up as a C rather than an R. I'm not sure why or how, but I'm curious how the system treats a C vs an R. In terms of reports, cleared balances, ect, how are they handled differently?