• Payables

    Being in the Accounts Payables business for over 20 years, having used at least 4 different types of software, there are so many things I notice are either not doable or take a zillion steps to get to the end result. A/P is universal in application or how…

  • Switching Billing/Cash Receipts to the AR Module from Job Cost

    We currently bill and enter cash receipts in Job Cost, but I want to transition it over to the AR Module. How would I go about setting this up?  

  • Accounts Receivable showing "Not Used" on Aging Report

    My Accounts Receivable person did some adjustments to clean up our aging report.  Not exactly sure what was done, or how done, whether it was by AR Credit/Debit, Billing Credit/Debit, etc.but now I have "Not Used" on the aging report listed under the clients…

  • AR Adjust Receivables Summary entries in Revenue accounts

    My company has many entries hitting our Revenue accounts with the description "AR Adjust Receivables Summary".  These entries are reducing our Revenue account balances.  I do not see any offsetting entries in AR.  Any ideas on what these entries…

  • Emailing Invoices from Sage 300

    Can anyone tell me how to email invoices from Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate? We are looking to do everything electronically rather than snail mail with our invoices and statements.

  • Billed Retention Entry

    When retention is billed at the end of a project, our AR module makes an entry to move the rentention out of "retention receivable" and into "current contracts receivable" and moves the amount to our "current" column on our AR Aging Report. Our auditor…

  • Accounts Receivable

    My A/R person did something with voiding or adjusting payments to an open invoice.  Somehow there are now postings to the A/R (reflected in the aging report) that state "Not Used" under the Tran Type, and gives a Non-Job negative amount.  Since…

  • One of our customers owes us 10 cents. How do I get it off of our books?

    We sent a billing out for 1,290.10 well they only paid $1,290.00. Their  system rounds as to mine does not.... How can i get that $0.10 off my books???

  • Job Income

    We wrote a check to our client to return their share of cost savings on the completed project.  How do we decrease the income on the job to reflect this? I charged the check to a misc GL  account until I could figure how to this this correctly.

  • AR Aging Reports by Division

    We have several operating divisions and we would like to be able to run AR Aging Reports by division so that each office could run their own aging report that only contains their outstanding AR and retainage items.  We have the added problem of receiving…

  • Adding AR Retainage to an Inquiry

    I am trying to add detail retainage by invoice to an AR inquiry.  The inquiry is based on the AR - Status table.  I selected this table because it allowed me to see the AR information by customer by invoice and includes cash receipts that were posted to…

  • Sales tax setup?

    We have typically only had sales tax in one state.  With the Wayfair decision we are needing to file in multiple states.  Some states make you track by state, city and county.  Some states make you track exempt sales tax by those same categories. This creates…

  • How to clean up invoices with zero balances for the same customer on AR aging report?


    On my AR aging report there are three invoices totaling zero amount. What do I do to clean them up and not showing on my aging report.

  • How to correct duplicate Misc. Cash Receipt entry

    The same Misc. Cash Receipt was entered twice, on different dates.

    Since it was not payment towards an AR customer account, how do you correct the duplicate entry?

  • Is it possible to import quick bill invoices or non-contract invoices?

    I have been able to find the import layout for AR Invoice Import but it looks as if this is using contract based type billing for the imports.  Is there anyway to import an invoice as a quick bill with standard items on it?

  • New Bank Account Set Up

    I was needing information on how and where to go to set up a new bank account.  Thanks!

  • AR Aging by Customer "Days before Due"

    Has anyone created an AR Aging report that uses the "Days before due" from the AR Customer file as the basis for the Aging.  Example: typical aging 30,60,90,120... - if customer has 90 in the days before due then the invoice will be 91 days old…

  • Customer Deposits to Liability Account

    How do I enter customer deposits to the liability account, then deduct it from their final bill to debit the liability? There dosen't seem to be an easy way to enter, apply, and deduct in billing or accounts receivable.

    I figured out how to enter a…

  • Cash Receipts

    I entered at cash receipts in AR - i thought i had post to GL and CM turned off - it is not hitting the GL, but it is posted in the CM Reg, I deleted it thru AR Adjust Receivables - but it is still showing up in the CM reg??

  • AR: Small open balance on client invoice. Best accounting practice to resolve?

    If you have a client that isn’t going to pay a small amount of an open invoice, how would you handle that?
    There seems to be a couple of options.  Wondering what your opinions are.

  • A/R Billings Not Balanced with JC Billings

    I entered an invoice into A/R for a customer for a job that has no cost on it.  When I try to balance my Customer billings G/L with the Profit Report "Billed to Date" it isn't balancing.  I'm not sure what the correct way was to post this…

  • Can I have multiple job numbers on the same invoice?

    Can I have multiple job numbers on the same invoice?

  • Applying Customer Cash Receipts to Distributions

    CRE 300 allows applying the initial cash receipt (through Enter Cash Receipts) to the distribution level of an invoice BUT if you have a Customer Cash Receipt and at a later date are ready to apply, CRE 300 does not allow us to apply to the distribution…

  • Cash Management Module - Detail AR Transaction Description

    Is there a way for me to change my Cash Management and/or AR settings so that instead of seeing the “AR ENTER CASH RECEIPT” int the description field, it will record the actual customer who paid us instead of just a receipt summary on my Cash Management…

  • Make Prior Year billed credit entries in AR

    I need to write off some Accounts Receivable billings as of 12/31/15 when the 2015 A/R year has already been closed. Is there a way to enter A/R Billed Credit entries as of 12/31/15?