• 401K Contribution

    Hi Sage,

    I have an employee who wants to contribute 100% of his bonus to his 401K.  The FICA taxes calculate on the full amount, so I reduced the contribution by the  FICA taxes and now it calculates a state tax, which there shouldn't be a state tax against…

  • Unbalanced Balance Sheet

    How can I fix $1 off on balance sheet? TB is balanced but total assets is rounded down while equity/liabilities rounded up. Thanks. 

  • Inventory

    Hello ~ We are a construction in need of a inventory program (not Sage).  Does anyone recommend one that works with Sage 300?  Thank you~

    Katherine Stepp 

  • Paperless Payroll storage solutions

    What is everyone using (NOT Sage Paperless) for Payroll document storage.  We use Drop Box for Accts Payable and other files.  But curious what HR or document managment program Sage 300 Construction customers are using for Payroll enrollment papers, and…

  • Generating Electronic Payments

    I'm looking for information on using Electronic Payment Options that are offered in the Account Payable module, I'm a little confused about how that works and communicate with the different banks we use. Also, I would spend  a lot of time reaching…

  • Setting up HSA as a Direct Deposit

    Is Article ID 26573  in the knowledge base still applicable to set up HSA for direct deposit? Also, can I copy and paste the formula as shown in the article when I create the formula?

  • Sage 300 CRE - Lack of Any Real Updates or Enhancements

    We have been a long-time user of Sage 300 CRE (10+ years).  The upgrade and product enhancement process has always been poor, and it seems to have gotten progressively worse in the past few years.  I'd go as far as to say it's egregious - users pay thousands…

  • Aging Report on an invoice vs Inquiry on the same invoice

    I have an Invoice that is showing in my aging as open however when you do an inquiry on that invoice it shows paid in full.  How do I get this invoice off my aging report?

  • Limit access to GL accounts in SAGE 300 CRE for specific users?

    Hi Everyone

    Is there a way to limit the GL accounts that a user can access and interrogate in SAGE 300CRE - similar to SAGE 300C >>> GL Security?



  • Job Income

    We wrote a check to our client to return their share of cost savings on the completed project.  How do we decrease the income on the job to reflect this? I charged the check to a misc GL  account until I could figure how to this this correctly.

  • 401K/Roth Fringe Match Combined

    I'm curious if anyone has a situation similar to what we have with our 401K/Roth Matching and how they went about creating the formula.  I've looked at several KBs on the Sage website and none will seem to match what we are doing or don't appear that…

  • 941 Report Fractions of Cents

    Just went to do our 941 and we did not make a final tax payment for the quarter to account for COVID payments. My fractions of cents is over $700 - why? The final overpayment on the form is correct because we are still owed money, but I get an error message…

  • GL transaction file in use error at login

    We have a frustrating situation where, if someone prints a GL report to screen and leaves it open, another user cannot login to the GL application.  They receive an error message, "GL transaction file in use."  If the user in the system closes…

  • Payroll FWH Calculation Verification

    I’m processing my first new employee under the 2020 W-4 form, and I cannot reconcile using the IRS tables to verify Sage’s calculation. Anyone see where I am going wrong?

    Single, $2000 for dependent, $860 taxable this week, state is NH (no…

  • Tracking for PPP loan disbursements

    We have received our PPP loan money.  We are going to begin to pay employees this week.  I am considering creating a new job to track all costs including payroll, fringe, health, retirement and other costs.   Is this the best way to track these costs or is…

  • YTD Job costs


    I need to break out the YTD jobs costs by L,M,E,S,O, but I can only do this with JTD costs.  I'm a newbie and not yet familiar with all the reports.

    Thank you, Katherine

  • Archiving Employees - Employee # already exists in archive file.

    I want to move my past/terminated employees over to the archive folder, however there is already an archived employee with the same number of one I am looking to move. Any thoughts on what will happen, or what I can to to keep the records for both individuals…

  • Job Cost

    Does anyone know why the jobs I set up in Job Cost doesn't show up in the range selection. For instance, I'm trying to run a Labor Hours report and the jobs I set up recently aren't showing up int he ranges. Help! please and thank you!

  • Scheduled Backup using System Administrator

    Manually performing a company backup works fine but the scheduled backup does not backup the CompanyData folder. Is this a permissions issue as the scheduled backup is running the scheduled task as SYSTEM?

  • Setting up Multiple AR Customers to One Job

    I am trying to setup a job that will have two different customers.  For the purposes of the job level P&L--I need receivables from both customers to go to the same job revenue account.  I don't seem to be able to do that in job setup, which seems to…

  • error message in Contracts when linking cost codes

    When linking cost codes in Contracts the error message that the cost code already exists pops up, however we are using an Extra. We have done this a million times with extras, I'm not sure why this is now happening.

  • Payroll State Tax withholding needs to be rounded

    Colorado rounds the state withholding tax.  Does anyone know how I get payroll to round for the State withholding?

  • Payroll Direct Deposits with Chase Bank

    Does anyone process Payroll direct deposits with Chase bank? It looks like they have some unique requirements. If you were able to get this to work, can you share your set up? Here is a link to their specifications:


  • Payroll Year End...HELP!!

    I am in desperate need of a professional/friends help. I'm the new Controller since September of this year. I've closed the year before I can audit/reconcile any errors so I can process the payroll so everyone can get paid on time. I did a test run for…

  • Profit and Loss

    Is there a way or method I can run a Profit and Loss for a specific time period - for example, 7/1/2018 through 6/30/2019?