• Log4j Vulnerability


    Has Sage CRE 300 been affected by the recent Log4j vulnerability?  If so, is there remediation information available? 



  • AP Pending Invoice Register with Detail

    We have started using the enter pending invoices function. 

    How do you print a pending AP register with detail that shows the distributions so I can proof the invoices?


  • Subcontractor and Tier 2 Diversity Spend

    We are getting more requirements from our Owners to formally report our Tier 1 and Tier 2 Diversity spend.  We have all of our subcontractors set up in Procore with their diversity status but it looks like getting the spend report out of there is not going…

  • Job Cost as of Specific Date

    In comparing one job from one month (APRIL) to the other (MAY) this report showed (APR) JTD costs that actually pulled costs from MAY.

    I struggled with this for about 4 hours finding the the entries were in fact correct, with the correct accounting date…

  • Negative debits and credits

    Why are reports showing a debit column with positive and negative numbers and the credit column showing positive and negative numbers?  A negative debit is a credit and a negative credit is a debit.  Is this the correct thought process or is there something…

  • PR Employee Changed Address

    I have an employee that moved from one state to another and forgot to tell us.  We have only processed 1 payroll for this year under the wrong state and i would like to some how "reverse" out the State taxes from that state and put them into the correct…

  • Upgrade to v20.x

    I am trying to get ready for this end of the year update/upgrade that I'm being forced to install.

    We currently are running v18 off a peer to peer network where we have a dedicated Windows 10 machine as our "server".  This is and has been…

  • Sage CRE version 20 and add ons

    We will be migrating to a new server because we have to upgrade to Version 20. Are the latest versions of Sage add ons, specifically Paperless, My Assistant, and Office Connector compatible with V20?

    Where do I find info on this? I only see info on 300…

  • Can I import a check register from a csv. or txt. file?

    I have a new division that operates another software program for their inventory. I can export the checks issued in csv or txt file. Is there a was that I can take their completed check register and import that information into Sage CRE 300? I only see…

  • How to add current.GLT?

    Started a new company, but now sure how to add current.glt? Can someone please assist?

  • Vacation accruals based on years of service

    Just wondering if anyone out there is already ultilizing a vacation accrual approach based upon an employees calculated years of service (based upon dates of hire/rehire)?   If so, would you mind sharing your forumals and how its setup?  TIA

  • Tax Exempt Jobs

    Need to find a way to track sales tax charged on invoices for tax exempt jobs.  Is there a way to setup a job as tax exempt in Contracts?  Sorry, but I'm new to Sage and without a lot of direction.... Slight smile

  • Payroll Reports


    Does anyone know where I can find a list of the database fields within Employee Setup and their corresponding description?

    Any help would be appreciated!

  • Contract Line Item Accounts

    A number of times, I have had change order line items revert back to the incorrect cost account (in our case, the cost account for sales tax) after I have already changed it to the proper one in Contracts (under the Accounts tab). is there a reason why…

  • PrintBoss not working with Sage 300 CRE

    Hi Everyone,

    Since we updated Sage to v18.4, we also updated PrintBoss to v6.11.1 

    We are trying to email vendors by putting in an EFT run number. Crystal report has been designed to output this data.

    When we select to print EFT Payment Notification…

  • Import format for EQ

    I have been trying to find out what format I need to put my excel spreadsheet in.  I need to import depreciation on our vehicles into the EQ module on a monthly basis.  I can't seem to find the answer and I don't seem to have the add on that the videos…

  • *Now Hiring* Contract Position: Sage 300 CRE Accountant for 60-90 day Assignment

    Capsa Ventures, LLC (A small 15-person Real Estate company in Austin, Texas)  is looking to immediately hire someone who is fluent in Sage 300 CRE for a contract position for 60-90 days. This position can be done remotely. If you are available for work…

  • Working from Home and Remote Printer

    I'm remoting in to our server to use Sage 300 CRE. I have a printer at home and I tried to install the printer on the server and redirect it so I can print checks.

    However Server 2008 OS is not compatible with my HP Printer.  I'm told the server OS…

  • HELP Reprint Sage 300-CRE

    I need help on reprinting direct deposit paystubs.  In sage 300CRE please

  • Purchase Order Reports

    I am trying to print a report to show us what is left on a purchase order.  I have been unsuccessful trying to find such a report.  Is this function just not an option?

  • Upgrade to version 18 needed to process W2s thru Aatrix

    We are using Aatrix to process our W2s and I want to know if I need to update my software prior to doing this.  We are currently running 17.1.8 and I've been reading about a lot of issues with version 18.  I want to get W2s processed prior to closing…

  • SM WO Notes - "Customer Viewable" Checkbox

    Is it possible to have the "Customer Viewable" Checkbox unchecked as a default?

  • Total hours worked to date for 2019

    How would I run a report to show how many total hours our employees have worked to date in 2019?

    Thanks in advance for the help.

  • Profit and Loss

    Is there a way or method I can run a Profit and Loss for a specific time period - for example, 7/1/2018 through 6/30/2019?

  • Best Practices for user permissions within an organization.

    Working with a medium sized business, approximately 50 employees. 5-6 employees who work in various accounting modules. I am the IT director for this company and the question has come up for who should have full administrative rights within Sage. Currently…