Have you ever had payroll post to an incorrect job and wanted to fix it without using payroll?

It is a common issue that payroll checks get posted with incorrect job information that needs to be corrected in Job Cost.  We usually recommend voiding the check or using Change Posted Time in payroll, but sometimes that is not an option for you. A great workaround for that would be to use Enter Direct Costs in the Job Cost module!

You will first want to go into Job Cost: File, Company Settings, JC Settings. Click on Direct Costs and ensure that the box is selected for Enter Transaction Codes. This adds a column to your Enter Direct Costs screen to be able to categorize the costs you are entering.

Then go into Tasks, Enter Direct Costs. The first line you enter should be to reverse the original cost from payroll. Then you can enter a second line putting the cost back in with the correct Job, Cost Code and Category. Be sure to mark these transactions with a type of PRC. Then post the entries.

Now you will be able to run any report in Job Cost to see the changes reflected. You will now also be able to condition any report for “Transaction Type = PR Cost” from the JC Transaction record and these entries will be included.  Just keep in mind that since you didn’t correct the job information through the Payroll module, the changes will not be reflected on Payroll reports or inquires.

This workaround has been detailed in Knowledgebase article 77184 "How do I change Job Costed payroll information without using Payroll?"  Please refer to this article for extra tips and related articles.