Texas Lien Waiver Problems

We are beginning to work in Texas and they require a "job description" field in their lien waivers. This is not a description of the project but a description of the work performed by the vendor. If it was a subcontractor we could pull in the type (Plumbing, Framing, etc) but if it's a material vendor it can't just say "material". It is my understanding that this is an important field in the lien waiver in Texas. Has anyone had any experience with this? Any solutions to get the  needed information?

  • If there is a related JC commitment, the commitment description or scope of work can b used to enter record the desired description to have it print on the Lien Waiver.

    Once you get more information regarding the requirements I can provide further information on how to accomplish your goal. The "standard" Lien Waiver reports provided with the software return the Commitment Description to the "Kind of Materials or Labor" field on the lien waiver.  This is the description entered on the JC Commitment (purchase order or subcontract order)