AR - Deleting Miscellaneous JC Cash Receipt

I entered in a check as a miscellaneous JC cash receipt which was only applied to a job, not a customer.  I now need to delete or void that cash receipt, but cannot use Adjust Receivables since I don't have a customer number associated with it.  Is there a way to delete this receipt.  I need to reapply it to a bill instead and right now it is showing on the Job Cost rather than Billing side.  I tried deleting it in Cash Management, but because it was not created there I am unable to do so.

  • Thanks for your post lindseyjv04!

    As you have discovered you can enter misc cash receipts through AR, but you can't void them from AR since they are not customer based.  You were on the right track though!  You will need to create the cost entries back to the job by entering a reversing entry through Tasks, Enter Direct Costs.  Then create an adjusting entry for the Cash Management through Tasks, Edit Register.  The detailed instructions can be found in article 20158 in the knowledgebase.  Once you have reversed the cash out you can enter a new cash receipt through Accounts Receivable, Tasks, Enter Cash Receipts and apply it to the invoice of your choice.

    Have a great day!