AP Vendor address (Vendor factoring)

We have as vendor who has factored their Accounts Receivable with a third party. I'm looking for best practices on how others handle the same situation since Sage 300 CRE does not have a remit to address that allows for vendor record to remain intact, but the address for payment to be changed to allow the check to be sent to AR factoring company. Do you setup a new vendor record? I don't think that would work especially when you have purchase orders open for the existing vendor.

  • Thank you for your post !

    What version and update of Sage 300 CRE are you currently using? Version 9.8, 12.1, or 13.1? This will help the other users compare/contrast there set up with yours.

    Can't wait to hear what others are using and their experiences! Thanks!

  • We are on  AP version 12.1.37

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  • Hi Brad Johnson , Your question is an interesting one and it would be worth talking with your Sage Consultant as they may have dealt with this scenario for other users in your area.  

    However here is a thought on how you might deal with this:

    You are correct in that a 2nd vendor record probably won't work as the vendor on the commitment (or PO) in job cost must be the same as the vendor in AP.   Since you  need the PO's to go to one address, but payments for the related invoices to go to a different address there are two ways I can think of to handle this:

    1. Change the address on the vendor in AP right before printing their check so the check has the correct address on it, then change the address back after the check run is complete.
    2. Fill out a check manually to the vendor with the alternate remittance address, and in the software pay the invoice using the Record Manual/Print Quick check task.

    I also recommend going to Help, Web Resources, Submit Enhancement Request and submit a request to add a secondary payment address to the vendor record for issues like these.